misty eyes over a poem

I guess this is the first time that someone had written a poem for me, and that is my former colleague at safeway. Her name is jha, i guess i just missed her that i tried reading her poem over and over that my eyes got misty. She emailed me this poem on my last day at safeway. So here it goes…

From: Janice Miranda
Sent: Friday, March 12, 2010 5:20 AM
To: SDG.Retail.RQA
Subject: Babay Inya

Hi Allyson,

I made a short message for you:

Haynaku Inya! (This is the title)

I’m finding someone

who I can share my thoughts with.

You came just in time

and we jive in together.

We talk often

and laugh until we cry.

We were so happy

that I’d thought it’ll last.

Everything is not permanent

some stay, while some will leave.

People come and go

and some leaves a mark.

You’re one of the few

who chose to take the new path.

But eventhough it hurts badly

I’ll be here to support you.

This will not be the end,

rather is the beginning

Of the friendship we build

throughout your stay.

All the memories we made

will always stay

Carry the precious moments

for you to smile on your way.

I will truly miss

all the things we do

The word you always say

‘Inya’ is that you?

I will bid my goodbye

but remember it is not forever

Though we’re apart

you’ll always be in my heart…

Goodluck on the new path you will take. We’re only text away from you. J

Cheer up,

Jha (^_^)

Thank you jha for making me so happy on my very last day at safeway. I maybe not be there during your happy and weary times, but i know for sure… our memories of being together will always be treasured…. Kampai jha …


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