When She falls for Her

Ever thought of having a second thought on how could a she falls for a her? I guess this was not the best idea. Ever picture yourself falling for a her and in fact you are a she.

The story goes like these…

There are two printers of different locations. One was low in toner which is currently near her and the other one is in good condition but quite far from her location. She then printed her assignments on the one with a good condition. Hoping that someone might not be printing too. She then clicked and hit the button to print. As the task for printing is being queued ,she went to the location of the printer. As she was slowly getting near the printer ,she accidentally bumped her. Then a simple smile pops in her face. She smiles at her as a signed or reply. There were no words uttered between the two lass. Then she remember the files being printed. Almost all of the files both for them are printed .She’s file comes out first and Her’s file comes next. As one paper comes out from the printer, Her asked she if that is her file, so that’s the scenario. Thank God the printing finished and both of them are done with printing. Both separated and smiled at each other.

As she moves to her cubicle she received a message from a good friend and a long time friend.She asked him if it is right to fall for her but he said with a big grin emoticons NO. So she did not anymore entertained the different emotions that she have had a while ago. So she continue her tasks. As she went on , Her was near She.She felt like her heart is being melted and crushed into zillions of pieces.So she went away because she felt odd about her mixed emotions.

The next day seems just the same, she opened her desktop and continue her tasks. She popped a message in ym and said hi to one of her friend. After a few moments she gave a message to her friend and asked her what is her idea and her opinions if a she falls for her. She’s friend answered her politely that its okay for her. So she told her friend all the things that had been bothering her for quite sometime. She said to her friend that definitely she liked her.She’s friend asked for the physical description of Her.As soon as she described Her to her friend, She’s Friend said i think i know what you are talking about. What a small world indeed , she’s friend is an ex office mate of Her.So to confirm if Her and She’s friend ex office mate is the same, She’s friend sent pictures of Her.Its confirmed it’s the same person they were both talking a while ago. She and her friend talks about Her, and she founds out that Her was committed already. So she stopped all her illusions about Her.

As time passes by She ignores Her presence but every time she passes by Her, she felt terribly bad that they met at the wrong place and at the wrong time for both of them are committed.

At this moment ,both of she and her are busy with their assigned tasks. She is now happy seeing Her happy with somebody else.

Lessons learned , just wait or asked for the custodian to refill the toner instead of printing in a far location where you would waste your time in walking and crushing your heart into pieces.

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