my sticky collections

Everyone has their own collections. I also have one, I call them sticky collections because they are all magnets which came from different countries as well as famous tourist destination here in the Philippines which were either given to me by my closest friends and relatives or bought by me.My collection consists of a Vietnamese girl from Vietnam,two four-leaf clover that came from Ireland, a guitar from hard rock cafe in Edinburgh,Scotland, a shark that’s displays a message of “send more tourists the last one were delicious” that came from Nairn in Scotland, a colorful tiger with a crown which came from Singapore,a scenic view from Victoria hotel in Hong kong,a castle from Dubai,two cute Tarsiers from Bohol,two starfishes from Boracay,Two turtles, one from Camaguin Island, and the other one from Palawan,one shrimp from camiguin, one shark from Bohol,one butterfly from Cebu,One cute pink Teddy with my name on it,one cute blue brat picture holder,one pink emoticon,and lastly one green with combination of yellow monkey. These are all my collection, I hope I can still have more collections,I am planning to bring this collection to our new office. So I could decorate them in my workstation. Everytime I would stare at my sticky collections , my stress from work were relieved. I’ll attached some images which were my captured on my mobile phone.

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