hagane no renkinjutsushi

“hito wa nanika no gisei nashi ni, nani mo eru koto wa dekinai.
nanika wo eru tame ni wa, doutou no daika ga hitsuyou ni naru.
sore ga, renkinjutsu ni okeru “toukakoukan” no gensoku da.
sono koro, bokura wa sore ga sekai no shinjitsu da to shinjiteita.”

This is one of my favorite quotation from the anime “Full Metal Alchemist”. When I started watching this anime, I found myself so much hooked that I actually watched more than 5 episodes a day. Well, I thought it was just any other anime,but the more I closely learned the persona of each character the more I am loving their story.

The story is focused on a two brothers namely Edward Eric and Alphonse Eric.They were born with the talent of using alchemy in their day-to-day activity.They inherited their father’s talent in alchemy which is a well-recognized alchemist at his time. When their mother died, Edward and Alphonse were depressed that they had no other choice but to use the forbidden human alchemy in order to bring their mother back. Unfortunately they were too young to do such a forbidden task, a freak accident happen that Edward losses his one arm and one leg. Alphonse looses his body with this, Edward ties his brother’s soul to an armor. This is the start of their journey in finding an answer on how to regain back Edward’s arm and leg as well as the body of Alphonse and that is to search for the “PHILOSOPHER’S STONE”… and that’s how the story goes….

So this is the English version of the quotation from full metal alchemist:

“Humankind can not obtain anything without first sacrificing something.
In order to obtain anything something of equal value is required.
That is Alchemy’s law of equivalent exchange.
At the time we believed that to be the true way of the world.”

Definitely right! We cannot obtain something without giving up something. Thus whatever decisions we are about to make, we cannot say that the out come will be a success or a failure. It’s liking trading something
to gain something else.

Honestly, the anime full metal alchemist is an eye opener for me. So guys I won’t tell the ending of the said anime but instead I strongly encourage all of you to watch it and enjoy it!

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