pain pain go away

Day 1:
Last Monday, I could not stand the pain in my lower abdominal area as well as lower back. The pain continues even if I’m at work. This incident also triggered my abnormal way of urinating. For a moment i felt a pain in my lower left abdominal area and urinate from time to time.

Day 2:

Tuesday came and the pain still feels the same, I send sms to my mom asking for advice on what could stop this pain,so she said that I should buy qinolon with a low dosage. So I still urinate from time to time but I had noticed that my urine is somewhat cloudy and God it’s really more painful than yesterday. Time came that I need to go out of my office,so I went to have a dinner first before going home and bought the lower dosage available for qinolon.Just when I am about to go home, I felt that I need to pee,but unfortunately the pain is so powerful that stains of blood came out from my urine. The pain did not stop there. I had to get a taxi with my significant half. When I look at my significant half’s face, I felt a strike of fear on his eyes as well as concern. That moment I have no power to seize the pain, that all I could do is cry. When we get home, i felt so cold and my body temperature is not normal than my usual.I felt I need to urinate again,so when I urinate stains of blood goes again. So I just took qinolon and slept. The pain is still there.

Day 3:

Wednesday,well I bought a higher dosage of qinolon and took them in. Pain subsides this day, but urinating is still not good. From time to time I have to get out of my workstation and go to our restroom.

Day 4:

Thursday, I took another qinolon for this day but I got to talk to someone who has a medical knowledge and she said that possibly I have Acute Cystitis. When I read the information about it it’s like what the heck is wrong with me… Oh well she told me to buy Amoxicillin and take them twice a day for seven days. Okay I just told her, that I will. But in the back of my mind, when I did some research on the said strange word.. “Acute Cystitis”, what struck me most is that if this kind of infection will not be treated accordingly this could lead to complications of which this may include Acute kidney failure,Chronic or recurrent urinary tract infection and Kidney infection. So I made up my mind that I really need to seek medical attention since the pain is still present and did not subside a bit.

Day 5:

Today, Friday I am off to seek medical help because I think I still have so many unfinished business here on earth. So wish me luck later… 🙂


2 thoughts on “pain pain go away

  1. hope to see on the next day of your blog that you went to a physician…

    and everything is good….

    Just pray my friend!!!

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