she’s into her

Finally, I had a chance to continue “when she falls for her”…

She finally had the chance to have her for a moment…

No words can describe what she had felt when she had received an im from one of her’s friend…. The moment she read it ,it then confirms that there is really something going on between Her and She…

She tried to ignore Her but then She is so flattered that finally Her had seen her despite both of them are committed as of the moment.

So the friendship that is literally blooming between She and Her flourished in just a couple of months. She just ignored her emotions when dealing with Her since She knows for a fact that Her will never be She’s because somebody else owns Her.So both just continued what they had started as new friends.She learned that there is something about Her that She can’t resist.

The sweet nothings and conversations that She and Her had left something to both of them that they shall truly cherish even if they knew that there will never be a “thing” between them.

She feared that one day ,the friendship going on between them would vanished into thin air when Her finally had the clue that She has a “thing” for Her.

Her is good at playing Her games… but She is willing to play with Her game just to win Her heart.

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