scary sunday

I had no reasons yet to celebrate but I am definitely excited of all the things that will happen in the next coming days.

Well honestly, I am adjusting in my current work at Hypercom, I am by the way a Test Engineer for one of the testing team here in Manila. I am really a bit scared that I somehow don’t know how to handle some of the tasks that are assigned to me, I have a little or worst case, no documents to validate my way of testing. That’s how hard my life now a days. But I will try my best to surpass this fear, because I know for a fact that God has a better plan for me, If this job is for me then let it be and if not don’t let me rot in here.

Right now I am creating some documents regarding some important tasked assigned to me by my immediate manager. I hope somehow he shall approved my proposals, Honestly I am not perfect in creating documents, I am more of a technical person, but I am definitely scared that I may not meet the expectations of my superiors, as I always say, I may not be good in everything I do but I put my heart in every little thing I do.

So for now I am scared because as a Test Engineer, I was assigned to do some coding/scripting but I am honestly saying this, I am not good in coding , I’m lousy on that one but I’m trying my best to do good on that field. What I do right now is to study C Language which is essential for my prolonged existence in Hypercom.

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