save for the rainy days

I had a long day today at the office, I arrived around 8:30 in the morning and when I get to my cubicle, I asked one of my officemate who knows our telephone number at our office. After that I went straight to BDO because I wanted to open a savings account.

As I went to one of the teller, I told them that I am going to open a an atm account with passbook, and she smiled at me and told me to take a sit and asks for the requirements.I handed her my 2 valid Id’s as well as the initial deposit. In return she handed me all the necessary stuffs to fill out.After I had finished filling out the necessary data , I hurriedly submit it to the Teller and while she was busy getting my application forms, I noticed her badge Id and her name imprinted boldly “ELA”. Then she said , Maam you forgot to put your TIN , and I said can I just get it later, and eventually she said it’ll be okey with her, then finally she printed my name on the passbook as well as my initial deposit.She even told me that I could get my atm in 7 banking days and she smiled.

So I left BDO which is just on the ground floor of our building at Fort Legends ,I went up straight using the lift and press 21st Floor and log on to my pc and got my TIN . As soon I got it, I went down again to BDO to submit my TIN to the teller named ELA and she gave me a sweet smile and I thank her for her warm assistance 🙂

Here’s a snap shot my last solace of hope

last solace of hope


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