the job interview

My heart beats faster and when I looked at the mirror ,I found myself in pale color. I had to calm myself by going down our office to release the tension that is building up inside of me.

Then I received a message from my significant that his now near our building in global city. So I hurriedly went to him and greeted him and told him ,you look thinier.He just nod and said so where’s the fort legend building? I told him that the building is just across from where we are standing. So we went to jollibee to have our lunch before his job interview. While I was eating I told him of the possible questions that JT might ask him and he was just smiling. I gave him my lucky charm, before we left jollibee. We went back to our office and I told Anna our Hr personnel that my significant half is waiting at the lobby area.

Then I went back to my cubicle, I hurriedly open a website that has the prayers that I usually pray in time of desperate cases and that saint of which I prayed was St. Jude. I prayed sincerely to him that my significant half wont falter nor be scared during his interview with JT and the two managers for the development team. The interview started around 1:10 pm and lasted around 2:30 pm.

So when he texted me that his done, I hurriedly went out of my cubicle and meet him but he said he already went down. But then he texted me again saying that he had forgotten to let anna signed in on the visitors pass. So he went back to the lobby and I endorsed him again to anna for signatory. So we went down again to have a little chit-chat .

So I asked him , bhe how was it? He told me that it’s ok. Then I told him can you be more specific. So He told me the whole story about his interview. So he said his interview with JT went well.He was asked by JT if he had his passports, if he has no problem with the consuls in the US, his asking offer, his job experience,and why he was changing his job. He even told me that he also asked what I told him, and that is to ask for the work schedule,and working outfit just to show JT that my significant half is really interested for the open position. So he also said he had another interview with ver and Mackoy ,he was asked to do a block diagram of his task in his current work, he was also tasked to explain it as well as he was asked to explain his experiences on his pasts projects, he was also asked if why he was changing his job, and I love his answer, he said that as Computer Engineer , he wanted not only to focus on the development of software applications but also the hardware part .So he was also asked by Mackoy about Tsukiden since Makoy also worked for Tsukiden but we haven’t had the chance to work with him since he left already when me and my significant half worked there.He was also asked if he had undergone a project on client and server type.Lastly, at the end of his interview he was asked by Ver if where he was comfortable developing ASP project,web or desktop client? He said frankly that he can do both but he preferred doing the latter of which he considers as his expertise.

So that’s how his interview went,so he went back to his home in Guadalupe and I went back to my cubicle, It felt good knowing that his interview went well , and I hope he will get what he deserves. I told boss rhom that Chito had his interview and he was happy, by the way boss rhom is our manager way back in Tsukiden and currently he is working at hypercom too. Small world isn’t it? It was past 6pm when I had the courage to ask anna our hr personnel of the current status of my significant half and she told me that she doesn’t know yet the feedback , it would be this week she added and I told her that if my significant half failed that’s okay, but she answered me back “malay mo ba”. This gave me the hope and I shall continue to ask St Jude for this wish that my significant half will be part of Hypercom too :p…

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