the bora getaway planning

All set to go to Boracay for a 3-days getaway with my significant half. This is in preparation for our celebration for Japon’s 25th birthday which would be on the 2nd of November, though the planned schedule would be on October,30,31 and November 1.

This idea just popped up on my mind last monday, while working my ass out on how to debug the setup on one of my terminals,so out of nowhere, I wanted to escape from my very hectic life style. So i went to my best friend … and that is Mr google, to search for a cheap flights to Kalibo and a nice place to stay with.

So I had found the right package for us, and that is to have our flight from manila to kalibo with cebu pacific and for our returned ticket, I booked the flight from kalibo to manila via zestair. I also called the bamboo beach resort in boracay located in station 2, and booked our room and guess what,it has an arrival complimentary drinks, and free breakfasts. The price is also cheap because it was on a 20% discount.

So for now I am in the process of creating our itinerary, we want to try island hopping,Atv,reef walking and parasailing,but above all I just wanted to be with my significant half, a time for us enjoy ourselves and to nurture and cherish our relationship.

So for now I shall google the prices for some of the activities that we planned to do.

Here’s the link for the resort that we had booked:

Wish us Luck 🙂

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