coffee at piazza

After work me and my officemate erl decided to meet john our former officemate at piazza in mckinley hills for a little chit-chat and coffee.

We got a taxi and saw John waiting for us at the ground floor of Two-World Square,so as soon as we got out of the taxi , we can’t stop talking to John. As we walk from our location to our destination , memories when I was still a safeway employee were suddenly popping on my head. Waa I am now in the state of being NOSTALGIC? Weeeh

So we had our coffee at coffee bean and a cake . John was really nice because he swiped his credit card to pay for our coffee and cakes. Hahah … But anyway thank you John.

We had so many topics to tackle, which are usually more on the recent happenings on safeway and a little of hypercom. What strucked me most is the idea that there is another person that will resign at safeway. This idea gave me a fright, why? The reason is I was the very first employee from our team which is RQA who resigned. The reason,I’ll keep that to myself. I somehow felt guilty, because somehow, my resignation triggers the resignation of my former team mates.But they are quite old enough to make their own decisions. So sometimes , I told myself that I shouldn’t be guilty nor be dishearten.

Well enough of that, what really amazed me at mckinley is the number of people is quite bigger compared when I was still with safeway. I am now glad that mckinley is one of the gimmicks spots in fort area and I am proud to say that we(erl,jha,john) have seen how this developed and evolved into something beautiful.

We ended our coffee soon,why because John has his tasks to finish on deploying/preparing one of the laboratories in safeway, which erl and I used to do. So the night was still young, but it ended beautifully or so I thought.

Honestly, I can’t sleep I still have sugar and caffeine attack on my system. 🙂

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