the first month at my new job

Yes I did it! It’s my first month at Hypercom. Hurray for you Ally!

The thought of coding makes me sickly. The thought of debugging without knowing how the codes actually works makes me helpless. But this all changes when I had executed some test scenarios for one of our projects. It really feels good when you have accomplished something out of nothing.

Well as I reminisce my first month at Hypercom, It was last August 9,2010 when I first stepped in the Hypercom’s office, I have 2 batchmates, of which both are guys, I believe so… yes Indeed both are guys, one is Owen and another one is Jereckson. We were oriented by our Hr personnel of the company policies, and benefits etc etc… The first day was really more of introduction of what Hypercom is.

So the first 2 weeks I was designated to seat in a conference room which by now we call it as BORACAY, I was trained by Tin on how to do some of my tasks on the Core Team. I was really in shock,coz I never had a chance to experience how it is working on Linux Operating System. I was really in deep shocked that I am hardly having a good night sleep for the first 3 weeks. But luckily, I had somehow by God’s wisdom bestowed upon me, I somehow managed to test and run few scripts and modify some test applications in order to meet the expected output.

But one thing I could say is that in my first month in Hypercom, I had found new friends, of which I shall consider my close friends. I had found another Janice Miranda in the person and Melody and another John Angelo Guillermo in the person of Raphy. They are the closest friends that I have now,and I’ll forever treasure them. I told myself, that even though our job is really and definitely hard to do, I will never give up because this is the CHALLENGE I had been searching for a long time. It gives me the energy boosts every time I have a task to do… Most people would think this is wrong but I would say, I quit job if I have nothing left to do that is challenging.

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