gingeeners get together at makati central

After the pelangi escapade way back 2009, I decided to plan a get together for my batchmates during my college years .. yah the engineering that are really good at drinking 🙂 Definitely this calls for another celebrations…

So what I did is to contact all my friends who are currently working here in the fort,makati and ortigas area. I texted them if they are available for a get together and some booze at makati central on October 1 and that is a friday, then Jeck one of my friends texted me saying he can’t make it to the get together if it will be on the said date, so he requested to move the said get together on the next day ,Oct 2 ,Saturday. So I send another sms to all my batchmates asking them if it’s okay for them to free up the 2nd of October instead of the 1st of October. So I was really happy reading all their messages that they are willing to free up the said date for the said get together.

So the day of Get together came, I and my boyfriend went to Glorietta 3 to meet up Mark and She. Chet one of my batchmates texted me that they had already reserved a place for us at Makati Central. As soon as She arrives in glorrietta 3 , we took a cab going to Makati Central. As we rode the taxi we keep on having our chikkahan via our native dialect which is by the way in bicol dialect, then finally the taxi driver talked to us saying “EU” which means “yes” , then we all laughed because the taxi driver is also a bicolano and lives in Catanduanes.

Finally we reached our destination… the Makati Central … a place to booze off and have fun… So we doze off and get ourselves drunk by having the famous drinks of Makati Central and this are the following:

1. Bad Boy —- Very Sweet but Silent Attacker
2. Bad Girl —– Taste Good but Silent Attacker
3. Squeeze Me —- The chilled drink, the blue on that will stain your lips, tongue and your whole mouth, looks like slurpee of 7’eleven
4. Vodka Cruiser(Pink)—- Distinctively Sweet and taste like any ordinary juice for me
5. Red Horse—- I don’t usually drink this, just a little of it and it makes me so dizzy
6.SoCo—- Tasty and I really don’t know the real taste since, It was served during the time when we are already drunk… 🙂

Well, when we had this drinks, we can’t stop but booze up and dance to the rhythm of the music played at Makati Central… Here’s the pictures at Makati Central 🙂


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