Boracay No Virgin Anymore I

October 30,2010

We securely locked our doors,turned off the main switch , and locked our gate. Then at the back of my head.. Boracay here we come 🙂

My significant other went to an atm and withdrew his pocket-money for our 3 day vacation. Then we got our taxi and off we go to naia terminal 3.

We were really excited that we went there 3 hours before our flight. We arrived at terminal 3 around 8:00 am. We had our breakfast at the airport and we had a little chit-chat while waiting for our flight. At around 10:00 am we presented our ticket and we waited for our boarding time which will be around 11:00am. We took a picture of our boarding pass. As soon as we paid our terminal fee we went in and put our back packs for inspections. But unluckily, my umbrella was put on hold because it’s forbidden in an aircraft. Then we went to an area where we can chill out while waiting for our departure. Then we sat on one of the tables there, I saw right in my eyes, Mark Herras one of the leading actors of GMA 7, he looks simple but you know for a fact that there’s something in him that you can’t resist. As soon as our clock hits, 11:00am we hurriedly went in line for our departure.Then on the plane, my signifant half and I went to take some pictures, by the way my seat is 15B and my significant half’s seat is by the window side 15A. Around 11:45 am our plane went off to Kalibo. My significant half enjoyed the window view and sneak peek of the sky as well as the clouds.
Finally , we reached Kalibo around 12:35pm. Then we took some photo’s near the aircraft as well as the wall that’s says “welcome to kalibo”.
Then we went out of the airport of Kalibo we saw our name printed as welcome , finally the person that would fetch us for our hotel is here already. The Island tours picked us via van coaster,there were also other tourists. The van coaster can carry around 12 persons. After almost 2 hours of land travel we finally reached our destination, the caticlan jetty port. The island tours coordinator asked as to pay for the environmental fee, terminal fee and boat fee which costs for the two of us around 225.00php. As soon as we paid the said fees we finally hopped in to our boat which is montenegro shipping line just like the supercat in mindoro. So finally after a 20 minutes travel by the sea we finally reached boracay, then another coordinator of the Island tours fetched us via van and then they tooked us directly to our hotel .. the bamboo beach resort and restaurant. The coordinators are all friendly too.
We went directly to the receptionist of our hotel, and she’s really pretty and hot >:). She gave us our key to our room plus our complimentary drinks. As soon as we had put our bags on our room we hurriedly went out and have a walk to do some sight-seeing and babe and hunk watching hehe>:).

Since it’s the time of trick or treat, we saw lots of designed of halloween on every hotel and establishment from station 1 -3. We tooked some pictures and enjoyed watching the beautiful sceneries . As we were walking, we saw a group of people taking picture, so we went in and saw kristine reyes,one of the famous sexy stars . Definitely she’s beautiful and extra hot. We tooked some paparazzi shot of her.

There were also different things that the natives of boracay will introduced to you to do, there were people who will ask you for activities like island hopping,atv,zorbing,parasailing, zipline and other activities. But there was something that me and my significant half wanted to try and that is to have henna. As soon as we found the right design and print, we sat down and let the artist to sketch the design that we want. I choose a vine plant and sketched it on my right hand and my significant half choose a dragon and let the artist sketch it on his left shoulders.

We are also amazed by the sand castles that were built there. They are so artistic and it is really magnificent work of art. So we took a picture of it and of course we had also donate some money to the person who made it, we just put in a canister placed infront of the sand castle.

We went back to our hotel to prepare for our dinner buffet.But we wait for our henna tattoo to dry out and we washed it with water. We had our dinner at bamboo beach resort and restaurant, the costs is around 250php per person but we had a discount of 25php per person since we are also staying in their hotel. We had fun eating there food,they have seafoods that are so appettizing, desserts that are so mouthwatering to look at, and viands that are so terrific. We also ordered a bucket of beer that costs around 299php. We couldn’t finish the 6 bottles because both of us are so full.

The first day at boracay went well.

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