Boracay No Virgin Anymore II

October 31,2010

Around 8am we took our free breakfast at our hotel. We had Filipino breakfast,I chose tapa with 2 eggs and rice while my significant half chose hotdog with 2 eggs and rice. As soon as we finished our breakfast we went to La Carmela Executive wing for the meeting place for our zorbing.

Around 9:30, the multi cab came in to fetch us for our zorb riding. Then from there we went to the zorbing area. When we reached our destination, we paid around 720php for our hydro zorb. Then one of the guy who fetched us told us to try the “pasagasa”, he explained to us that the zorb ball would roll over on our back as it rolls from the top. So we said we can do it, he instructed us for the right position and got some video of us and when the ball came, we both say arrggh… but what the heck it’s one hell of a spa massage at our back. Then the time came, we are the next in line for the real thing. We went inside of the zorb ball with water in it, head first as per instructed by the guy who assisted us.After sometime, the hole where we get in, was sealed by another small inflated ball. Then the time came … let’s roll the zorb. The ride inside the zorb was definitely one of the most extreme activity that we had as a couple. Waa we twist and turn inside the hydro zorb.It was really fast and furious to do. We had videos, as well as pictures inside the zorb and outside the zorb. The guy that assisted us was really kind enough to take photos and videos of us.

Finally , the service multi cab brought us back to beach but we saw Jonah’s fruit shake, and we said to the driver that we would be there so he dropped us there. We order some shakes, I chose papaya milk shake that costs 75php and banana choco shake for my significant half that costs 95php. We are so amazed by the fact that the served shake was not only refreshing but the packaging is so unique. The shake’s container is put in a bottled tube with a cap that has a whole in it where the straw is put. Just imagine a mineral water with a cap on it and a straw on top of the cap, that’s how it works. As soon as we finished our shake, we walked around the shore lines of the station one .

While walking, we enjoyed the view of the beach, the beautiful sceneries, the white sand and the relaxing sound of the waves of the sea makes us feel so excited to swim. We took some pictures along the shore line of the beach. Then one lady approached me and asked me if I wanted to have my hair done. Then my significant half told me go have your hair braid. Then finally I sat on and the lady started braiding my hair. Finally the lady finished doing her tasked and we paid her around 150php. We also asked her where to have a better lunch since it’s already 11:00pm. She told us that the MANNA is one of the nicest restaurant in station 1. So we went there and we ordered one burritos with beef and my significant half ordered a sizzling dish. The food tastes good and it’s really a must try. The expense that costs us for our meal costs around 600+ pesos.

After our lunch we texted our contact for our helmet diving, mang nino and he replied to us that we can meet near the yellow cab. We went to yellow cab and meet Mang Nino and he told us that we need for a boat that would fetch us to the place where will do our helmet diving. Then he said we need to pay him there. So I handed him a 1000php and he also called us secretly and handed change of 300php and told us that if anyone asks for the price of the helmet diving, we need to tell them that it is 500 php per pax. He was really kind enough to take picture of the two of us by the shore lines.Mang Nino also told us that the cds will be given to us the next day around 9am. The boat came that would bring us to the helmet diving area. As we were walking towards the boat, lucky I am to found a lady shades.Then the boat man assisted us and brought us to another boat where the helmet and other peripherals are present for our helmet diving. A man with a camera approached us and said he will take our picture so we just posed. We waited for our turn since many are also in line for the helmet diving. Another diver instructed us the different sign, the ok sign,the equalize sign, the video sign, the picture sign, the going up sign and going down sign via hand moment. The time came, we put on the shoe gear and went to area where the helmet diving starts. There was a stair and the divers that assisted me, told me to go down first till the water level reaches my head. Then finally they had put on the helmet. The diver told me to go down by his sign movement and off we went down to the area where the school of fish resides. The pressure inside the helmet makes my ear felt bad,so there is really a need to equalize.Finally I saw my significant half to go down and went beside me feeding the fishes. The diver took lots of photos and videos by giving the hand signal for video and photos. After around 30 minutes or so, we finally went up. The helmet is not anymore heavy when we go up.The diver also told us that the helmet is around 2kls. Waa that’s really heavy.

Finally the boat man fetched us and brought us back to the station 1 and we went back to our hotel area. The day end well but both of us are so tired of the different activities that we went through.

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