Boracay No Virgin Anymore III

November 1,2010:

The last day at boracay, we had real and unforgettable experience while where still in boracay.

We woke up around 8am and had our breakfast in our hotel and after eating our breakfast we went to meet Mang Nino to get our cd. When we reached the place where we will meet Mang Nino , he handed us the cd for our reef walking.

At the last day we had to walk and enjoy the few last moments at boracay. We look at the sea and then the rain came as if the sky is crying because we are going home….

We had our last refreshing moment by taking some last photos of the hotel that we stayed in and also for the beach that had made us feel and want more to stay in boracay.

Around 2 pm the Island tours fetched us and off we went to caticlan jetty port, we handed 50 pesos for 2 pax on the boat man. We rode the montenegro shipping lines and another van coaster will bring us to the Kalibo Airport.

We are both exhausted and I even fell asleep while on our way to Kalibo airport. Then finally we reached Kalibo airport, we are both hungry and so after checking in we went and find a place to have our dinner and my God I forgot the name of the restaurant but we ordered molo that is good for 2-4 persons. The molo was served to us and it was really good and very tasteful.

Then finally, we are about to board back to Manila. I told my significant half, advance happy birthday, I hope you had fun in boracay.

We can now say that both of us are no longer boracay virgin anymore 🙂 We been there and had fun 🙂

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