the 2011 Starbucks Planner

Last November 28,2010, we went to gateway starbucks to get the last 3 stickers for my significant half’s card. So he ordered two grande toffee nut latte, and we try buying the via, since we need only one sticker under the christmas edition but the barrista told us that when we buy the via coffee sachet, the sticker will be for the non christmas edition.

So I felt sad knowing that sb planner wont come home with me that very day.
So we took our order, and choose our place to chill and have chit chat.

Then after almost an hour,we had finished our toffee nut coffee, when my significant half asked me to order another hot toffee nut tall and I got the third sticker and finally 18 stickers are completed, the barista asked me what designed and I told him, oh please the red one, oh I love it, the cover, the design as well as the pictures inside it, plus it has free coupons in it, I’m thinking to give it away. I thank my bf for giving me this 🙂

Finally, I got what I want for christmas, a simple planner where I can start my plans and I consider my planner as my third place aside from Starbuck’s 🙂


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