tour in intramuros

One of my colleague at the office asks me if I had a chance to walk around intramuros,and I replied, nope I haven’t been there.

So something pops on my colleague’s mind and that is to tour me around Intramuros.

So we had scheduled our little trip in intramuros and set our date.

Then the time for our little tour came, then our first stop is at fort santiago, I was amazed by the fact that this place exists, the beauty of the ruins that was left after manila was bombed from the world war II is really amazing. We took some pictures on some of the famous areas, and we also saw a golf course that makes me feel relaxed because of the green color of the grass.

Then we went again to our next destination and that is Baluarte de San Diego, the admission fees are as follows:

Senior Citizens 50php
Children/Students 50php
Adults 75php

So all of us paid the said fees and the guy gave us a map for the whole area of fort Santiago. So we took lots of picture there, I was so delighted by the fact that, I somehow noticed that there was a tour guide giving his presentation along the hall area, and guess who he was? It was Carlo Cedran the famous guy who showed the world the sign board with the message of “DAMASO” of which he was just beside the priest. We didn’t have the chance to talk to him since he was so busy with the other tourists. We continued walking around and took picture with us then finally we went to greenwhich for our lunch.

After our lunch,we went to San Agustin Church, the admission fees for adults are 100/pax. The following are the vivid memories I had when we went there since it has been two weeks or so , when we went there.

San Agustin Museum – which is a monastery used by Augustinians as for their classrooms etc.

Entrance Bell- This is the bell that was so big and looks really heavy if I to carry it by myself,according to the manual that was given to us, it weighs 3400 kilogram… waa that’s really heavy.

San Agustin Church- I love the chandeliers, they really seems so adorable and I love the ceilings.

Sacristy- There was the old potteries from china as well as the 22 gold inches at the center of the hall.

Oratorio- There was a crucifix and there were choir seats and a century old pipe organ, I still remember the bamboo organ in las pinas everytime I look at the century old pipe organ.

Then after this we went to National Museum, were we saw personally the famous spolarium by juan luna. It was really big,not big instead very huge portrait.

The tour in intramuros was really fun specially if all the people you’re with are happy and fun to be with.

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