Wensha Spa

After our intramuros trip we went straight to wensha and have our foot massage for 600php.

The package includes 6 hours of stay at the wensha of which we can use their facilities like sauna,comfort room, locker, hair blower for girls, free disposable toothbrush, towels, bathrobe,and best of all
eat all you can buffet aside from our massage.

This is my first time to be there but Melody used to be there everytime his boyfriend will have a massage. This only means Candy, Raffy and Jonas are also first timers like me at wensha.

Once we had paid our dues for our massage, we took our locker bracelet, pink for the girls and blue for the boys. As instructed by melody,
we took off our sandals/shoes and gave our locker number to the guy who will keep our shoes. Then we chose our own slippers which was provided
by the wensha too. Then me,melody and candy went straight the womans bathroom and sauna while raffy and jonas went also to their respective areas.

So when the lady handed our towels we immediately took off our clothes to take a little shower, I was really shocked when I went inside, there was the sauna and bathroom area as well as pools with hot water in it, and the shocking part is .. all women there are naked… They have all the guts. ๐Ÿ™‚

Then I took a short shower, by the way, there are free liquid shampoo in a big container as well as liquid soap inside the bathroom. It feels good to take a bath, after a long walk from our intramuros tour. Then after my shower, I saw candy and melody dipped their foot on the hot pool, and I also tried it ,God it was so relaxing. After that we took our bathrobe and off we went for our buffet eat all you can meal.

Melody reserved our table and asked the attendant to give as the soup for our shabu-shabu,the shabu shabu includes fishballs,sotanghon,cabbage,lettuce,fish flesh,beef strips, then we took lumpia, chicken curry, rice, and we had our juice too. As soon as we finished, we went to the massage area, guess what we can choose who we want to massage us,well the option is either a girl or a boy,and I choose a girl.

Then we went in and choose our massage area, I was delighted by the fact that there was a tv beside every massage area,.. yahoo for me,since I am a tv addict. Then the girl who will massage me asked me do you want hard or soft? I told her hard. Then she began massaging me. First thing that she did, is to put my foot on a mild hot water, then she went on my back and she did really perform good, she started massaging me, from the back,head ,my arms and then came my feet, she really makes wonder, and best of all she also use one tool, a hammer like material used for massaging my foot. If I had the chance to rate her, I would definitely say, 10 being the highest, 9 … She did a miracle on my aching foot. Then after our massage, she gave me a paper and signed it and gave her a tip.

Then we went back to have our second round of buffet meal.

The place wensha is really new to most of us, but the experience is really something we look forward in doing it again and again ๐Ÿ™‚

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