pay it forward this Christmas

Christmas is in the air, and this is the most merriest time for most kids and kids at heart. This is also the best time for shopping … because sale are everywhere…. and yes I went on a sale in market market which really near my homey…

I went shopping on my own and here’s what I have on mind on the said day:

First I want all my aunt as well as uncle residing here in the Philippines as well as those that will be having vacation with us to receive gifts from me. I have 7 aunts and 1 uncle who will be home this christmas,aside from that I also want to give something special for my Papa(grandpa) and of course to my Mommy,Daddy,my brother,my sister ,my oldest cousin and my sister-in-law.

I went straight to an ATM to withdraw some cash for my shopping galore. So off I went to the 50% off sale at the department store.

The first thing I bought was a scarf and what I was thinking that time is for my china trip as well as for my uncle nestor who is also a resident there. So I bought one navy blue scarf with bonnet for my uncle and one green for me.Then I went inside the department store and took 6 red organizer bag for my 5 aunts and for my cousin dj and another green one for tita susan.Then I went to find some shirts for my daddy and my brother and I look around the shop called sand and got two shirts,one in deep green with simple design and one in light green with cute design. Then I went further inside the market place and found one cute simple purple blouse for my mom and mind you it costs a lot,then I also bought it and another blouse for my sister.The most expensive gift I had bought is for my grandfather,I bought an electric cigar with no nicotine on it. Hope they all like it.

While I was shopping,on one of the shop in market place where I bought my mom’s blouse, one lady told me that my mom is so lucky having me and when she asked what was inside my shopping bag, I told her it was for all my aunt and uncle, she told me that you’ll shall received more blessings, I told her that I really love giving gifts, and it’s my way of thanking God by paying it forward. 🙂

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