testimony of faith

I am not a believer, I lived each day and never consider what the future may bring,until that very day … my eyes were opened as well as my frozen heart melted fast.

Rain kept pouring heavily that very day, I don’t know why the sky cries heavily that moment, I can’t stop myself to go back to bed and take a quick nap because I lack sleep from our Tagaytay trip. At around 2:00pm. I hurriedly prepare myself to meet up pibi for our meet up at North Park near market market.

I left house, with a heart that is seeking for something I myself do not know yet.

As soon as arrived to our meeting place, I texted pibi but pibi and her bf gilbert is already near so off we went to the place called EVERY NATIONS, a church for the Victory Christian Fellowship, as we are about to cross from market to the church, one car passed by where I am situated and splashed water on my pants, then I said oh no, then another one came and did the same and splashed more water on me, I heard someone yelled Alleluia, and so I said Bring it on, I shall continue this and there’s no turning back…

So off we went to the church with pibi and his bf, gilbert. So as I went inside the church,the place looks dim, and the people areΒ  standing while I was quietly observing everything that is happening. All the things that is happening there is really different from what I expected, the out pouring of the faith to Jesus is really present. One of the pastor there which is Jun according to pibi taught as one of the gospel and it says like be strong and very courageous. I carefully listen to every word that the pastor uttered. Then came the time that we are praying, what really hits me that very moment is when the pastor said “if this is your first time are you willing to surrender your life to God and please raise your hand” , I closed my eyes that very moment and raised up my hands, and tears fell down my face.

Pibi hugged me tightly and said welcome. She also said to me, that she will let one of the pastor to pray for me, I went with her, and pibi introduced me to one lady, her name is menchit,and she let me call her tita minchit and I introduced my myself to her , and pibi and gilbert did the same thing. Then she told me, today is your birthday, you are reborn, that today you had received the best gift that God above offered you. I keep crying and crying, as I am writing this, tears fell on my face, I guess that moment, I had surrendered everything to the lord, the prayer finished, I am now happy and whole again. I am thankful that God above gave me friends and family that are following HIM πŸ™‚

Then I went home that day feeling refreshed , I am now not only happy from within but God has awaken my soul πŸ˜‰

I would like to tell the world that God Exists … and God is with Us … Let’s get back to Him and Honor Him…

Thank You Lord for Everything πŸ™‚

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