eight year at cloud nine

I had never imagine a much celebrated anniversary, till our 8th year anniversary came. Last January 15,2011 my significant half and I went to a place where clouds meet up with us and the extreme cold lingers in our heart as the sky pours out its blessing to a much blessed relationship of which we thank God above because He is the center of our relationship.

Around 5 pm my significant and I meet and off we went to our destination. We took an fx going to sumulong antipolo. As we sat at the back of the fx, both of us are giggling since, we really don’t know how to get to our destination. Then as soon as the driver took our fare,which costs 45php per pax, my significant half asked the driver if Cloud 9 is on the way , the driver told us that it is.

The traffic going from cubao area to antipolo is really bad since it rained heavily that afternoon. So both of us got bored so we played inside the fx, the game is the winner should be the last touch. It was really a funny game since both of us did want to lose so, we had several techniques used just to conceal our game plan. We are in the middle of the game when the driver told us that Cloud 9 is here. So we
got off of the fx and walk towards the place.

As soon as we saw the entrance, we walk towards that direction, it’s a bit hard because the place is a bit tall and slippery. At the back of my mind, I am beginning to feel hungry because of the hill type destination. As soon as we saw the guard we asked where was the restaurant, and he led us to the girl in the information section, she told us that there was a stair that we need to take,so off we went and had another series of walk. As we are walking, we can see vines and flowers along the stairs that chills us aside from the weather that day. As soon as we arrived at the restaurant, I saw what my significant half had told me, as I remember he told me, “do you want to have a dinner on a place where you can see everything in the metro? ” , definitely he is so right … we are now seeing the whole metro area plus the astonishing lights that made me feel more excited of what is in store for the two of us.

We took a table near the area where we can see the whole metro area, there was a sign indicated on the said table, TABLE CHARGE=40php, and I said .. Oh whatever as long as I am enjoying this beautiful scenery that God has made and let us see this very special day.I almost forgot that my tummy is aching because it’s already past 8pm when we arrived there. We took our order, we had chopsuey,sinigang,chicken barbeque,and garlic rice. While waiting for our food to be served, I took mokkun out of his cage ,and set him to-night portrait, and then we took shot of the breath-taking view. I am definitely blessed that very moment since it was my first time that my significant half and I be together in a very romantic and sweet place. Then after a few shots, mokkun was taken my significant half because he also enjoyed taking some pictures, I also told him bhe ,wow photographer, he just smiled. Finally our food arrived and the food tastes good. We ate and had good chat until I heard a group of guys playing the music called “don’t know what to do” , three men are making “HARANA” to both of us, and my boyfriend said it wasn’t in his plan. I just said to him, just listen and I am loving it. My significant half took a picture of me with the three guy,of which the two plays guitar and the other one uses cello.After that my significant half ordered 2 bottles of beer and then we took our bill and paid it.

Over all, I thank God for that day because He made my Japon to be with me. I hope it’s forever.. I pray to God !

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