chinese visa application

I don’t have any idea that I must have a chinese visa before entering shanghai.

October 10,2010:

It was october 10 of last year when I bought a promo ticket at cebu pacific.It costs me around 3K+ roundtrip ticket from Manila to Shanghai and vice versa. I picked up the month of february, it was a gift for my 25th birthday. So as soon I bought the ticket, I forwarded it to my uncle who is working and living in shanghai.
Then he told me that he will be sending his invitation to me to be used for my visa application. Then I told him what???…. He said that I need to apply for my tourist visa and he told me that I need to google the other requirements. So that time I google the website for the chinese embassy in the philippines.

The following are the requirements for first timers:

1. Round Trip airline ticket.
2. Duly Accomplished form from the chinese embassy.
3. Letter of Invitation.
4. Photocopy of the Chinese Visa/ID of the inviter
5. Photocopy of the passport of the inviter.
6. Photocopy and Original copy of the passport of the person applying for the visa and must be valid 6 months prior to the departure.
7.Bank Certificate and Official Receipt of Transaction , minimum is 50K.
8. Certificate of employment from the employer.
9. ITR (2316 Form) from the company and photocopy of TIN card.
10. SSS Original and Photocopy.
11. SSS Contributions, this can be printed thru their website.
12. Passport size picture to be used in the chinese visa application form with white background.
13. Bring lots of prayer 🙂

January 17,2011:

When everything is set and done, I went to the chinese embassy located at this address:
2nd and 3rd Floor, the World Center, 330 Sen. Gil J. Puyat Avenue, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines. I applied for my Chinese visa with all the requirements that I had listed. The person who gave me my number asked me if I am going to file for my visa or will I be getting the visa.I answered her politely that I shall be applying for a visa,so she handed me an orange paper that has a number of 48.

It was exactly 9:00am when the first window open, and called in the first number. So I just prayed the whole time that the person who will process my paper will be kind enough not to ask me so many questions. So I can see many people where doing their stuffs, others fill out there visa application, while I was just observing them, then window 3 opened and window 2 also opened. Window 2 is exclusive for the travel agency, so they process bulk visa applications. When my number was called, It was window 3 that will serve me. It was a chinese lady, maybe in her early 20s and she just asked for my requirements, then she asked me where was the receipt of my bank account? Then I told her that the bank only gave me the said certificate, then I told her I have with me my passbook, then she said you need to photocopy your passbook. So she told me politely that once I am done with photocopy of my passbook just went to her window. So I went down from 2nd floor to the photocopying area. The photocopiers is just near the Starbucks at the back of the world center not facing the mapua.So when I photocopied the file I hurriedly went back to window 3 to submit the documents.
Then she asked me if how I was connected to the inviter and I told her that he is my uncle. Then she also asked me where in china I will be staying, I told her in Shanghai with my uncle and then she gave me a pink slip and asked me if It will be a regular processing and then I told her that it will be a regular processing. She told me that I need to get my visa back on the 20th of January.So my filling ends well.I just cross my finger that it will be approved.

January 20,2011:

When I went back to Chinese embassy, I brought with me the pink slip. It was around 7am when I went there. The line starts from the back part of the world center which is in front of the mapua. Around 8am we were allowed to get inside the chinese embassy, and the lady asked me again if I am going to apply or claim for a visa and I told her that I will claim my visa. She gave me a number and what a coincidence, I got 38th number for the claiming of my visa. Then 9am came and most of the windows opened. After an hour, my number was called and then I handed him my pink slip and paid him 1400 php. The guy handed me a the receipt and I also went in another line where I shall get my passport. When it was my turn, the guy handed me my passport and I immediately opened my passport and eureka… I got an approved visa with 30 days of stay of single entry..

I thank the Lord above for this great blessing. Finally I am going to a place where I only had the chance to see in my elementary books. Thank you Lord for making it happen.

Here’s my visa :

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