once upon a time in shanghai I

The Departure from NAIA Terminal 3:

All my bags are pack and I’m ready to Go.I have with me my passport, and my ticket. I went to the airport around 5pm. Just in time for the long line for the payment of airport tax that costs around 1620 php,yah you read it right. It is only here in the Philippines where we are required to pay airport tax.After paying for the airport tax, I met my aunt susan and went to the cebu pacific to present our airport tax and airline ticket and of course our bags. We also pay for 750php as another payment.After that, we went to the immigration and present our passport. The person asked me some necessary questions, he asked me where I am currently working, I told him where my work that time.After that he stamped my passport.

Around 8:00 where are already in our flight 5J678 bound for Shanghai.My aunt and I just slept the whole flight since we will reach pudong airport around 11pm or past 11pm.

The Arrival at Pudong:

At exactly 11:30pm, flight 5J678 reached pudong airport. I was really amazed by the fact that pudong airport is really beautiful and there are no houses near the airport. Which reminds me of our Naia airport. My aunt told me that the temperature outside is around 7-10 degrees. Brr.. that gave me chills…

At the china immigration, I presented my passport, and He just looked at me and my passport without asking me where I will be staying, it’s because I had it

already written down in a piece of a paper which is given once you arrived at shanghai. He then stamped my passport and I said to myself, Lord this is it, I am now in Shanghai. Thank You Lord!

We went to meet my uncle nestor and guess what, he gave us flower, red for my aunt susan, his wife and a pink one for me.. So sweet 🙂 Then we went to get

kyuku(Taxi).I noticed that the taxi was really cool, why the driver has a plastic protective shield on the driver seat area. My uncle told me that it was for the driver’s protection.

The weather was really cold, and off we went to bed since its already past 2am in shanghai.

Thank You Lord!

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