once upon a time in shanghai II

I woke up around 8am and breakfast was already served by my aunt and uncle. He also let me try a siopao like food and with lots of chili.My uncle told me to change my dollar money to rmb. After having our breakfast, what else should we do, right, I need to take a bath.. I thank God heaters were invented. The whole condo unit was centralized by a heater. After preparing and having my winter clothes on, off we went to the bank near the feng xian. So we walked from our home to the bank since most of the people are also walking. As soon as we get inside the bank, I approached one of the teller and told him that I will be exchanging dollar to rmb.But the problem is he can’t understand what I am telling him. So he called another teller that could speak in english. So finally the teller and I got to talk and forwarded my request in window number 1. I also presented my passport and of course my dollar money.As soon as we exchanged the money,off we went to the town proper in shanghai.

My aunt told me that we are going to ride a barge. It sounds cool to me. She said that would take us around 5-10 minutes to reach our destination and aside from that I will be enjoying the sceneries. So off we went to get our payment for the barge. As we get inside the barge,people are also chatting and some are eating, what really struck me the most is the signage that says.. for “Civilized People” in our seat area. Isn’t it funny so, I seated there 😉 I also saw that some of the chinese also had their motor and bikes loaded on the barge. We took some pictures while inside the barge.After 15 minutes we reached our destination.

We took our lunch in mcdonalds, and we ate grilled chicken sandwich and I noticed that this is not served in the Philippines so we tried it. It tastes good and yummy. So we had another long walk and I saw that there are lots of nice places that they had built. The place was really good and the weather is cold and my legs are shaking because of the coldness. My aunt told me that we need to go home because we need to meet the daughter of my uncle’s co-worker that will be going to the police for the temporary registration for residence in Shanghai. So we went to get a bus and my aunt handed me the Shanghai card that is used for bus,subway trains and kyukyu which means all means of transportation in Shanghai except airplanes. So off we went home, and then after an hour off we went to the police station in feng xian and had our my temporary residence. We went home and meet my uncle nestor and told us that we are going to attend bs with some of the scf members. So off we went to city and got thru subway way. When we went inside the place where the bs will be held, there are lots of filipino that are also present there. So the Bs went on and I also got to share something about my testimony of faith, I keep my tears from falling and I did it right. After our BS we also had our dinner and my uncle also bought a cake, its my 25th birthday and one of our friends birthday too. So sweet isn’t it 🙂

After eating we went home, and got a bus. After we reach our destination we hurriedly went to get the last trip for the barge. It was already 12 midnight when we got on the barge,yes it’s officially February 26 2011 and I am officially 25 years old and I am inside a barge. After 15 minutes we are already in the barge station and took a cab and off we went home and sleep.

Thank You Lord ! ^^~

2 thoughts on “once upon a time in shanghai II

  1. hello, great trip report. on a side note, you didn’t have to register or get a temporary residence certificate from the police station since you weren’t extending or securing a new visa. shanghai was great and i think you enjoyed it.

    • My uncle told me to get one, I guess it’s essential. I was told to do so. Thanks for appreciating my blog ^^~ God Bless ^^~Are you in shanghai?

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