once upon a time in shanghai III

It was already 7am when we took our breakfast and my uncle and aunt Susan said their greetings. My uncle told me our itineraries today:

Things to do:

1. Buy external hdd at his favorite mall.
2. People’s Square
3. Yuyuan Garden
5. The Bund

Around 9am we went to a mall and bought a seagate hdd (500GB) which costs around 380 RMB. After that we took our lunch in the mall, I had seaweed noodles and it really tastes good.

After that we went to get another train and off we went to People Square to get to the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. We also took some pictures and bought some ticket to watch a movie in 4d. Sounds new to me. The movie is about egyptian mummies. When we went inside the place was really huge it’s like we
are inside a big dome. The downside, the movie is sub dubbed in chinese with no english subtitles. But the fact that I will be watching the 4D, it gives me this excitement. When we started watching, the speakers were lit up telling us that there are roughly 6 or more speakers, the screen looks like a big dome.
So the movie went on, it was really cool, because there were instances when I felt like I am part of the movie since there was a falls, and when the water falls, it felt like I am also falling from my seat. Yes I got a little headache after watching a movie.

Then off we went to Yuyuan Garden, the place was jam-packed with foreigners like me. We took some pictures and bought some goodies for my office mates and friends and of course for my family.

We went to the bund, were we waited and seat on the place were we are going to see the Oriental Tv Tower to be lit up. We took lots of picture and I was really amazed with the beauty of Shanghai. I was really shocked when a young chinese lady, had the courage to ask me in english, if I was loving Shanghai, I told her, I am. We had some chit chats and finally we saw Oriental Tv Tower lit up and the buildings were lit up. After that we went to have dinner not just dinner but at a place called Origus where we had an eat all you can food.

After that we went home, my birthday was very well celebrated in the city of Shanghai.

Thank You Lord ^^~


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