once upon a time in shanghai IV

Sunday means church time, so off we went to city to get to Marriott Shanghai Hongqiao for our church with the Shanghai Community Fellowship. I remember what the pastor told us, we should say we are in Christ. 🙂

After that we had to take a peek and taste the food served after the church. They all taste good. Together with my uncle’s friend we went to chinese restaurant to have our lunch. We had lamb, and a rice with corn. We also ate a different kind of adobo plus mantao type food. Guess what I am already full.

Then we all decided to go to China Pavilion, my last stop before going back to Philippines..

Yes the lines are really long and we waited for two hours before we got in. But it was really worth the fun, we are able to see different views,place and works of arts in Shanghai. I am also amazed of how talented the chinese people and having chinese pavilion which shows their artistic side and of course their genius mind. After a long walk and having fun learning about chinese culture, my uncle and I went to pudong airport to catch my flight bound home. 😦

We took our dinner in the airport, and we went to the location where we are going to check in my luggage, they told me that they are leaving to catch the bus, I bid farewell to my aunt and uncle and off they went home to feng xian. I also waited for the counter to open. While waiting, one chinese lady approached me with an english dictionary saying hello and told me that they are bound for Caticlan. We had a little chit-chat and we also had time to talk and she told me that they will be having fun together with her daughter. I also meet their friend who works in ortigas and handed me her call card. The lady took a picture of us. Cool isn’t it. As soon as we check in my luggage, I meet two Filipinos, one guy and one girl. The guy celebrated his birthday and took a tour in Beijing and Shanghai area while the Filipina is a christian too like me.She told me that she will be getting home just in time for her wedding.I fell asleep during our flight going back to Manila.

When we got off the plane, I saw my significant half waiting for me, and God thank You for this Once upon a time Shanghai Trip.

I am really blessed.

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