The interview for Business Trip in KL Malaysia

I never thought I will have the opportunity to work outside of my little cube in manila and not to mention it was outside of the country. 

It happened when my Manager from Belgium came to Manila and gave his plan for the next months to come and that is from April of 2011 to 2012 . My manager had discussed some plans regarding the automation of our project and he had said that another manager will be coming from KL to discuss the said matter.

My manager from Belgium decided to have lunch meeting with the manager from KL and together we went to a food area on the second floor of the nearest mall that we have. So we are currently having lunch, when the manager from KL asked me about my works and previous jobs. So I answered her truthfully what I have done in the past. I was really scared because some people gave me an impression that she is a very strict one. But I definitely must know her on my own ways instead of relying on the people saying this and that. I was really shivering not because of the ac of the restaurant but because I was scared that I would not meet her expectations. So I prayed while eating, that let God’s will be done. Then I heard from the manager in KL that she said, you are new and fresh in team, so do you mind if you could work in KL to get to know your team mates in KL for a month? It was really pleasing to my ears.. and I say in my mind . . Praise God. I answered her with a smile saying, yes it would be better to collaborate with the KL team as working as one team.

I remember one of my former manager telling me that whenever there are two teams working together from different countries, you must assure them that you are there to help them with the job and not to take the job from them. So maybe the manager from KL was really impressed because I never said that we in manila can do everything on our own but instead  I told her that we would like to work with your team so as to achieve our common goal and that is to make things work for the automation.

That day, my manager from Belgium announce that I will be on a business trip in KL for a month and that would be this coming June 2011- July 2011.

I heard people saying nice and wow on one side. But after the announcement I heard from some of my new teammates that there was a business trip planned last January 2011 and they did not continue with it since the KL team went to Manila. I just replied to them really? They told me to not expect too much. I just smiled at them.

After hearing what they have said, I assured my Manager in KL and Manager in Belgium that I will do what they have and want me to do for the success of the project.Thank You Lord for the opportunity.  KL see you soon!:)

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