remaining and thriving in faith amidst tribulations

Remaining and Thriving

Lord thank you for all the blessings that you had showered me. I thank you Jesus for each day that you had given me to continually and remain faithful in You. Thank you Lord for giving me the chance to move into another country and to explore opportunities that you want me to have. Lord if it wasn’t for your words and faith in me, I won’t be here and experiencing blessings. I know I have had my short comings and I know I am not a perfect servant but I ask for your guidance and forgiveness for all my sins committed. I pray to you Lord that you would give me the grace and holy spirit to guide me not to commit sin and forever faithful in You. I pray for wisdom Lord for every decisions I will be making, Lord let your will be done and not my will. Lord I pray for the salvation of my family,friends and friend’s family. I pray for the good health upon them and that please use me Lord in sharing your words to them. Let your work shine upon them through me by sharing the gospels to everyone,every chance I have. I pray also that I will have deeper communication and constant communication with you Jesus. Lord I lift up my career life to you, I know I haven’t surrendered this to you, but now I know Lord you are in control of everything. Lord I pray for career breakthrough.Lord I know that what ever we ask in your name it will be granted but I know Lord I need to seek your kingdom first so that all this things will be given. I pray lord for patience in every endeavour that I will be going. I know lord it’s not a happy path but with you on my side every path makes it worth the travel. Lord I also pray for my relationship with my significant half, continue to be the center of our relationship. I also pray for his salvation and his family too. I pray also for his career break through. I pray that you give him the patience and perseverance. Both of us are experiencing this test lord, but I know Lord this is just a functionality test to us but I know this will end too and we will have our sign off too with You giving me the blessings.

Lord I pray for our church and church leaders that they will be given wisdom in preaching the gospel. I also pray Lord that you will continue blessing each individual in our victory christian fellowship, that we are not only Honoring your name but making disciples. I pray lord for every individual that are attending the services in different Victory churches, will be fruitful and Your work will reflect on them and that people around them will see How you nourish each of them.

All this I pray in Your name, Amen 🙂

God had planned something better for us so that only together with us would they made perfect Hebrews 11:40

God Bless!


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