moving in genuine faith amidst tribulations

Moving in Genuine Faith

How would you move in genuine faith amidst tribulations? Here are some of the factors that we consider as lacking in us to have a genuine faith:

1. Not Trusting Him
2. Not having Faith in Him
3. Emotional Distress
4. The “I” attitude
5. Lack of finance
6. Frustrations in career
7. Tests that you wan’t to give up

This are just some factors that could trigger us to lose our trust and faith in HIM. I wonder why do we have this things, is it because of our lack of quite time with Him? Is it because of our stubbornness that we still wanted to do it our way and not His way? There are instances that we already heard from Him what is the right thing to do but we resisted Him.

It is easy to say that we are Christians but it’s hard to be a real christian.I admit I also have my weakness but with the grace of God and constant communication and building relationship with Him, I found out that we will have our inner peace when we are with Him. Our struggles in life will never be ours alone but His also if we just surrendered every part of our life to Him. For us to be free from all the worries and anxieties of this world, we must seek his kingdom first. If we found ourselves making God as the center of everything and having constant faith in Him, all this things that I mentioned above as factors in lacking genuine faith will be erased by God’s grace and we will received his abundant blessing throughout our existence.

I recently watched an episode in 700 Club Asia entitled “Haligi nang Tahanan” , it was for father’s day and I was amazed when the time of prayer for healing when one of the pastors prayed for a person who has a problem with an eye and twitch most of the time, I raised my hand up high and pray for my healing. I thought it was over, when the same pastor also prayed for a person who has an insomnia in UAE who sleeps for around 1 or 2 hrs only and he said that You will be healed by God.Tears fell down my face as I am the person he was referring to, its been a month now that I have had hard time sleeping. But I know God healed me, and what was there that I hold on to it’s my genuine faith a midst tribulations.

Here’s the video clip for you to be blessed also :

I rather have one bad day with God on my side than have one good day without God on my side.

God Bless!


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