the process of faith

Sometimes it’s not the final goal that makes it worth but the process on how we reached our final goal.This is also true with our walk in faith with God.

Think of a scenario of which you keep on praying for something. We usually focused on the answer that God will give us but have you ever wondered that the answer are usually found in every step you walk with God?

So here goes the different process of faith:

1. Dreams: We all have dreams of having a family of our own,restoration of faith,salvation in our family and friends,career breakthrough, restoration of relationship and pursuit of Jesus Christ .

2. Decisions: There will come a time that we have to make decisions in our lives of the very thing that God asks us.
It will be hard if we do it on our own but with God on our side nothing is impossible. As a human we can’t do it alone so for every decisions that we will go through, pray for wisdom so that God will guide us to the right decision in our lives.

3. Delays:Now that we have decided on what is really the right thing to do, don’t expect that everything will flow in order, expect the unexpected. It may sound absurd but as we go on with our walk in Him, it won’t be easy but faithfully we must face each delays with a heart of acceptance and be still and know that God is in control of everything.

4. Difficulties: With delay comes difficulties. Until we don’t accept the fact that difficulties in our lives are a test in our faith, we will never pass the said test. So we need to accept that difficulties are a test in our faith and we must be bold and confident that we will pass this test. We should be thankful that God’s test are not like our exam tests in school but we can retake on the said test even for the nth time. This is how God loves us. When we received this tests in our lives, we should be happy because there is something that God wants us to learn in the process of taking the said test.

5. Dead End: Sometimes we came to a point in our lives that we asked our selves that the difficulties that we have just get even worse that we are bound to a dead end. We even resort to giving up. But I tell you the truth, giving up is everyone’s talent. But God doesn’t want us to give up. Always remember that when ever we are faced with this situation, Let God took all our burdens and cast it on Him. Be still and know that He is our God and He will never forsake you nor leave you.

6.Deliverance: If we have have reached this process, Rejoice for the Lord had given us what we have dreamed on the different decisions that we had and despite the delays ,difficulties and dead ends, we kept our faith in Him and we have seen how he works in our lives.

So having this different phase in our faith, where are you right now? I hope where ever you are right now, you will continually have FAITH in HIM and you will continue pursuing his promises to you. For I know God is control and He will never leave us or forsake us. When you are in a situation like difficulties,delay and dead end… we need to continue worshiping Him because we all know that this process has the last phase and that is deliverance. See how great God we have ! Praise his Name !Always remember that God is a faithful God.

Rather, as servants of God we commend ourselves in every way: in great endurance; in troubles, hardships and distresses; ~2 Corinthians 6:4

Credits: To the pastor who gave this to my friend and brother in faith Raffy who sent me this process of faith.

God Bless


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