visa processing to doha qatar

My dad gave me a heads up that he will soon get a visit visa for me in Doha. I just said yes to him because I thought that it will be a simple visit and I will be having a one month vacation from work but it wasn’t “the real deal”.

It was really not the usual visit visa processing for my papers.I had to prepare stuffs like the latest NBI and Birth Certificate and had them duly authenticated in DFA pasay.As soon as I have them on my hand,I send the said files to my dad for him to process my visa.As soon as he had received the files, he told me to keep praying because this application is first time in Doha for a father to get her daughter of which my mom is not yet here in Doha. So I pray that if this is God’s will for me then it will be processed.

After two days I have received a sms from my dad telling me that I could check the status of my Visa Application through and from there I checked the status of my application. I waited patiently for a couple of days,then when I tried checking my application, I saw that my visa application is now ready for printing. I immediately send sms to my dad telling him that my visa is ready now for printing. Praise God because He is in control of my application visa. So my dad got the visa printed and scanned it and sent it to me.

When I have received the said email, I was really excited.I went to the wwwexpress to have my passport be delivered to Qatar embassy in Mckinley Hill, then the guy told me that there was a mismatched on my visa’s passport number and my passport number. My heart was pounding real hard, then I prayed silently and thank God that He had used the guy in wwwexpress to check my application and before it reaches the Qatar embassy He had given wisdom to the man to inform me that there was a mistake. So I called my dad calmly telling him that there’s something wrong with my passport number. So he went to the moi in Doha to have my passport change. After another day, he had sent me a new copy of my visit visa and I went to the wwwexpress and had paid the necessary amount for the visa sticker.If I remember it costs around 2100+ pesos. Again I thank the Lord God above because He had given me the heart of acceptance for things that are hindering the process of my visa.

The passport will be delivered in my office in eton cyberpod, I have been contacting the courier because it was the date that they have promised for the delivery. But the day almost end but my passport was not yet given to me. I called their supervisor and I was really angry, but then I remember Rena one of my office mate told me to tell the agent that I need to talk to their Manager/Supervisor and immediately I got their attention and eventually before I left the office I have my passport with the visit visa stick to Qatar. I was really convicted by this thought that I had let my anger out because I have forgotten to completely trust in the Lord that very moment, but then God uses someone to let us know that in situation like that He will always rescue us because He loves us and He has a plan for us.

With this in mind, even though I have now the visa and the necessary papers needed for my flight to Doha,I had always pray to God that if this is his will I still need a blessing from Him before I left Manila. It was during my quite time when God answered me through this verse:

“And Ruth the Moabite said to Naomi, “Let me go to the fields and pick up the leftover grain behind anyone in whose eyes I find favor.”Naomi said to her, “Go ahead, my daughter.” ~Ruth 2:2-3

God Bless!


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