my adventurous flight to doha

All my bags are pack, I’m ready to go! Khen and I went to jollibee to have our lunch together before my flight to Doha. I didn’t eat well, maybe because I am too excited for my vacation trip. We went back to our unit in city land and waited for Raffy to come because he will accompany us because my bags and luggage are quite heavy and bulky and I think he volunteered:) It was around 2pm when Raffy came to accompany us, I handed him not my luggage but my mini long board and my head-gear. I told him to take care of defrieya while I’m away. I was about to burst out in tears because I will be leaving defrieya for quite sometime. Then He said, he will be playing with defrieya… and that stops me from thinking sad thoughts. By the way Defrieya is the name of my mini long board 🙂

At around 3pm, khen,raffy and I went down to get a cab that will take us to NAIA Terminal 1. The traffic wasn’t bad, but it gave me more time to mingle and chat with raffy and khen. It was really a memorable trip going to Naia Terminal one. They were my best buddies in Manila. Khen is one of my best pal, my housemate,office mate and kalokohan mate while Raffy is one best buddy,my office mate,my skate buddy,kalokohan mate and christian friend.As I write this one I still remember the laugh that we shared in the cab. I was really making jokes all the time with them, because I want them to remember that even though I will be far from them, I am still the happy ally that they used to know. Yes I admit it I try to camouflage the sad truth that I will be leaving the country for quite sometime and will be starting a new life in a country I barely know about!I now know the feeling of Chito when I accompany him a couple of months ago when he left to pursue a career in Vancouver.So back to my story,As soon as we reached naia terminal 1, I bid goodbye to raffy and khen. I’m happy that they had accompanied me to the airport but I’m sad because I don’t know when I will see them again.

So off I went inside to check in my luggage, I presented my passport and plane ticket along with my visa.Off I went to the terminal fee/airport tax payment, yes Philippines has this and I bet this is only in the Philippines! Boo! Anyway, when I went to the immigration officer,he asked for my passport and he asked the usual questions like what are you doing there,where are you staying and do you have affidavit of support,so I answered him truthfully and handed him the affidavit of support that my dad sent me. Then he eventually let me in and stamp my passport. I was silently praying that God will guide the immigration officer and me let His will shine upon us! I prayed silently thanking the Lord for all his blessings specially passing the immigration questions because I have read that there are a lot of people going to Doha that has been load off. So I went to waiting area for the plane. Low and be holed I saw the Qatar Airlines BOEING 777-300ER.. So when it’s time for us to board, we immediately went in to the aircraft and waited for the take off. So I prayed silently for a good trip,I was just listening to my music in my phone when I heard an announcement that our aircraft had technical problems and wont be flying today due to the said issues. So we were loaded off that day. I was really scared that moment because I’m alone travelling, but fortunately the qatar airways crew are really good and accommodating. They gave us a hotel to stay for over night and I meet a young lady working in Hamad Medical, yes she is a nurse and sorry but forgot her name. We stayed in one room and she talked to me regarding the life in Qatar. She said, It’s summer time in Doha, weather will be around 48-50 Degrees. Be ready to sweat a lot. But I just nodded. There was a buffet served to us in the Hotel that we had stayed for dinner and breakfast. It was around 3pm the next day when a bus arrived to fetch us because they told us that our flight is now ready.

As soon as we arrived at NAIA terminal 1, we lined up again for check in for our seats,when I handed my plane ticket to the Qatar Airways Officer, she then told me , I only saw an outgoing flight on our system and you don’t have plane ticket. I was really scared and shocked, I told her that I have with me the ticket and dad bought it with a return ticket, I was silently praying the whole time and wait patiently upon the Lord for His decisions on this. I prayed that if it is His will for me to go to Qatar, this too shall pass. Then the lady handed me my the pass and told me to take care of my return ticket once I am in Qatar. Praise God! Thank You Abba Father was all I said that time.

We went again to the immigration officer and had the stamped and off we went to the waiting area for Qatar airways. Around 4pm we are told to start boarding the airplane. I prayed hard to God that this flight will be ok and we will be successful now with our flight since the duration of the said flight is approximately 9 hours! At around 6pm Philippine Time, we left Manila. I texted my mom and dad that finally I am leaving to Doha.

Finally I felt relaxed and went sleeping. After a couple of hours, the flight crew approached me and asked me for the meal that I had to choose. I just nodded because I feel still sleepy that time. It was a long flight, my feet and back hurts the whole trip. But I had time to reflect … I was deeply touched by the thought that amidst all the troubles that I had went with the trip, I am still thankful because God never left me during this crisis. He had shown me how faithful He is to his servant like me.If it wasn’t for Him , I am not on the said flight. What struck me most with the adventurous flight was the fact that He made it extra special to show me How he is a powerful Father to me. He wanted me to be safe on the said flight so I could have a better sleep on the said plane that’s why the flight was delayed one day. He sent me to a good hotel to stay with bonus buffet and best of all He showed me to fully Trust in Him specially the plane ticket with no return flight ticket. If it wasn’t for Him and the people who He used in fulfilling his promises I won’t be here in Doha.

At around 9pm Doha time, we landed, I had said and bid goodbye to nurse I meet in the plane. Then I saw my dad waving at me at the arrival section, and I saw and hug him and finally thank the Lord for the opportunity that He had given me.

Just remember this, Hold on to the last word that God had promised you and keep reminding yourself that God is a faithful God! 🙂

God Bless!


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