She lets Her go

This is the final installment of the so-called love affair of she and her, you might want to check first the two installment of this story:

When She falls for Her
She’s into Her

A thing that started like a spark will end up in fire. This true for she and her. All sparks that are not practically designed to suit the use, needs to be watered to protect things that will be burned because of the reckless sparks that the two had.

The rain dazzled briskly in the window of a coffee shop where She is sipping Her’s favor latte. She reminisced the memory they had. This kind of weather reminds She that it was that weather when Her ask her if it she’s really serious of Her, and she eventually end up biting her nails in fear of being confronted. She had to nod and had to lower down her eyes because She really can’t stand the gaze of Her fiercely. Her told She that I am still with someone and that her can’t be with She. Her told She that if She is willing to be second to the person that Her is currently with, they can push through and welcome the said feelings they had. She was surprised by this statement from Her, she never thought of being a second to someone else, She even left that someone for Her but this set up that Her is really out of the line. Her hugs She tightly, whispering in a very low voice, I need you.. am I too selfish not to be with you and not to let go of that person?

A vivid memory came rushing to Her which reminded Her of her conversation with her current partner and lover… Her please let me go, this relationship we have will never be the same again. I am letting you go, please let me go. Her told her lover that it wasn’t the right thing to do. Her asked her lover what was really the reason why her partner wanted to be out of the relationship, the lover admitted that she had fallen out of love. But Her in an angry voice said fiercely NO! Just make up your mind first and I will talk to you when your senses are back.

Now back to Her hugging She, She had no reaction with Her hugging her tightly, tears fall on She’s eyes and eventually She responded with a hugging back Her tightly. She told Her, I might not have the chance to hug you this forever but I will forever cherish this moment hugging you. Her kissed She on her forehead. Her told She please can we patch things up? She said I really liked you a lot, but having you as a whole.. will never happen if you are still hoping that you could patch up things with your lover. I’m sorry but I have to guard my heart because I have been hurt once and have gambled in this relationship that we had but am I too selfish to say this but it would be better if you had to choose one. Her stop her by putting her’s point finger on She’s lips, Her said, we are happy that’s what matters most. She removed Her’s finger and told Her that we might be happy together but I don’t like the feeling that we had to ruin other emotions just to have our happiness. She stands firmly and distance herself from Her and told Her that :

“Thank you for this wonderful memories I had shared with you, I will never ever regret each time we spent together, you thought me to stand up and be brave in every endeavor. This is the reason why I will be brave enough to tell you that I have to let you go because you will never have pure sheer joy if you are confused. ”

She sipped her coffee and just smiled with the memories that very day… She had moved on with her life and finally admitted that a relationship started wrong will never end up right. For Her, she got back with her lover and they had some fights but Her made her partner felt loved by assuring her partner that this time around will never be the same.

Disclaimer: This is a fiction story,characters are not real, they are just an imagination of ally 🙂

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