I took a different path

Indeed 2012, was a different year from most of my friends. One friend is getting married, followed by another friend getting married, a friend having her own kid… oh it’s all about getting a family of their own. It’s like the trend for this year, maybe because we are in the right age to get married and to have our own kids.

While others are choosing that path, I choose the other path.. I moved to another country to purse my career in the field of IT here in Doha, Qatar. It is not for the reason that I don’t want to have a kid or get married but I just felt that for me to be able to raise my own kid and family, I must be stable enough with my career. If you all know, just to give you a quick background in my career life,I have had a quick tour of some of the finest IT companies in Manila of which I had 5 companies that I worked with in 5 years time. As you can see, I literally hop from one company to another company… for three main reasons… growth,compensation and different technologies exposure…

So I took the chance when my visa was extended here in Doha from 1 month visit visa to a 5 months extension, luckily I landed a job in one of the good IT company here in Doha where we focused on security systems and passport/id systems. Basically I handled new projects from the organization to management to implementations.I’m quite new to this kind of job but the company promised me that they will train me on this once my residency is ok,of which my residency id is still in progress and I am currently waiting for my Diploma and Transcript of Record from my school in Philippines to be submitted here. (Please guys, pray for me to have it before 2nd week of november,thanks!)

Now the question what is the forcing factor why I chose this path? I wanted my dad to be home with my mom so he could just sit back and relax while taking care of our business in the Philippines. How sweet right? Even if my dad usually gets angry easily with me, I still have this in my mind, if I am stable enough here.. I would definitely tell him,”Dad I can handle from here, thank you for guiding me and being a part of this opportunity to grow here in Doha”. Another factor that was a part of the reason why I chose this path, it was march of this year when my significant half flew to Vancouver Canada to pursue his career in the field of software development in IT. Lucky for him, he had already a working visa but still he is searching for a more stable job there.It was not an easy decision for him, but I told him to go pursue your dream because I know that’s what you really want. I know that because I do feel the same way as he felt, yes just for the record we have been together for 9 years and will be 10 years this coming January and counting… that’s how we know each other. I know it will be hard at first but I know that we will survived this because of Him that is the center of our relationship and that leads me to the final and greatest factor that contributed for me to take a different path. The final factor is of course God. He had made this things possible because He is a faithful God to His promises to servant like me. If it wasn’t for Him I won’t be having all the things I have right now. If it wasn’t for Him I won’t be this stronger and courageous to face each challenges that I had encountered from the very start of my journey in my christian faith. If it wasn’t for Him, I won’t be blogging this as a testimony of how God works in my life specially when I totally surrendered every areas of my life. So I urge you to completely Trust in Him, Follow Him, and Love Him with all your might and you won’t find earthly treasure but eternal treasure.

God bless!


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