my significant half

I’ve been creating blogs for more than a year now, but I noticed that I haven’t introduced the inspiration behind every posts I have here. It’s an honor on my end to create a special post exclusively for him.

So here’s our little story:

It started back in our college years, it started when I have received a certain sms from him, that time I hardly noticed him in our class, it’s not that his not cute or something but he was the type of guy who is really silent but expect him to be listed as one of the top student in our algebra.So back to the sms, since I don’t have his number that time I replied asking him who he is, and then I got a reply from him that he is “batman” and then I replied yes I am “Einstein”. So from there we had started our constant communication via sending sms till he had said his real intentions. I told him that time I am not yet ready to commit to a relationship because my parents are really strict and wants me to finish college, even if I told him that, he continually send me sms and nothing changed. On the second semester, I had to enroll late because of family matters that time, it was a thoughtful gesture from him that instead of enrolling himself with the rest of our classmates, he waited for me to enroll and guess what, we are exclusively classmate for the second semester. Which means, every subject ,project,assignments,and tests we will together be doing. There was a certain project that we are currently working on and it was a house using autocad, he was teasing me that time about the house I am creating because I was having a 2 bedroom house and he’s house is quite big than my house.He was telling about family and all that stuff, which deep inside of me, I’m kinda feeling flattered because this man wants a family in the future. Okay points to gryf.. I mean to him! We had shared lots of funny stories during our college years. Until one day I had fallen on his trap, this guy makes me happy and is ready to give a warm hug whenever I need one and yes definitely He will be my man. We started as “MU” meaning we have mutual understanding…But when we had that, I become distant to him. I don’t know but I felt kinda shy and don’t know how to handle such relationship like that… until one day Ryvin our good friend told me that Chito confirmed to Ryvin that we have a thing but we are apart and not anymore talking that much. So when I heard that I gathered up all my courage talking to him and telling him what I felt and everything went fine and from there we become official “ipis couple”, why ipis(cockroaches) , our batchmates called us that because we always fight on silly things during our first year of being together.

He already introduced me to his parents during our college days, until we graduated we are still together, you might ask if I had already introduced him to my parents, after college I still don’t have guts to introduce him to my parents, it’s not because I am not serious about chito but because I really wanted my parents to be prepared and chito to be prepared. Until one day we had a huge fight before our 8th year anniversary, we had a misunderstanding that lead to huge fight, and things like not introducing him personally to my parents was the center of our topic. He had said this, “seven years di naman tayo nagbibiruan nyan”(7 years is not a thing to joke about), I told him I’m deeply sorry that I had not introduced him formally, It was a silly idea on my end because I really wanted to introduced him when he is ready to marry me.I was really caught in between then I told him, I shall be introducing you to my family since my dad is around.We patch things up and the day came, it was the day before the flight of my dad,my mom and sister had lunch together with us as I officially introduce him as my significant half, we have our blessings from my parents. I was holding his hand that time, his hand was really cold, and I whisper to him, are you scared? and he replied no it’s the aircon.Silly chito! The day ended and I have officially introduce him to my family, my mom like him so much and he got an A for approval from my dad! Everything is okay from my side and his side too.

Until one day,he had received his working visa to Vancouver. I already had an idea that he is going there because his sister told me first before chito had told me. It was really a different phase in our relationship, I really don’t know how to react that time but when I saw his eyes telling me he had his working visa approved, my heart melted because I know he really wanted this for a very long time. I had him already for more than 9 years and it was good memory to start with a new relationship with him and that is called “LDR”- long distance relationship.So I gave him the blessings to continue and pursue his dreams.He will have a better future there than in Manila, and his sister is there already and some of his family, so I got nothing to worry because I know they will take care of him. The night before his flight,he said this to us together with khen.. “Buti kayo,aalis nang walang naiiwan” ( Good for you guys,you will be leaving and you got nothing left behind), It pinched my heart but I have to stay strong because everything was packed in his bag already, I don’t want him to see me crying.

The day came for his flight, We are so early at the airport. When I saw his bags, it looks like his not getting back to manila,anymore but I have to keep that to myself. After waiting for his departure, I bid goodbye. I didn’t have the chance to hug him, I might not let him go. He seems scared,but all I could do was to pray for his safety in his flight. It was the last time I had seen him in person.

Honestly,I cried a lot when I went home. This is another phase in our story as a couple. I thank the Lord God above for giving us the courage to pursue our dreams. I thank him for making the two of us stronger even if we are far from each other, currently I am here in Doha and pursuing our dreams. We may be miles away but I believe God is control of everything. This is His will and I will wait patiently when the time comes that we will be together again!:)

So this is for now and this is my surprise for you since this is the first time you will be celebrating your birthday without me on your side, so here’s my gift to you.

Bhe padangatoon taka maray!Pungaw na ako saimo! ❤

God Bless!


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