when God answers prayers

whenever I had the chance to pray for someone, I gladly accept it with all of my heart. It makes me excited on how God’s name will be glorified in that area of their life and how that will change their perspective on how God will work in their lives.

A prayer for a friend

I was chatting with my former office mates to keep in contact with them, to see how they are doing and how things are going in their lives.

Friend 1:

This happened last September, one of my friend shared a problem regarding the work visa and that their boss would not renew their working visa. So I told my friend that don’t worry, I will pray for her. As I remember it was in the month of september, same time I am having a problem with our Flat’s Cheque.I told her, to trust God and that He will provide a way for us. Together we prayed for God to provide us and it was the mid of October, when she pm me saying that her work visa was extended. Praise God for this answered prayer, God has touched the life of my friend and I am very happy that His name has been glorified in this area of her life. With regards to our Flat’s Cheque, God provided a way for it!

Friend 2:

This friend of mine told me that there is a plan in her mind to change job once everything is settled. I told her, that together we shall be praying for this her career.As soon I edited her resume, I sent it to her for her to send to prospect hiring company. We keep praying for it, I told her to have patience in everything and let God do his will in her life.Then came the day for the interview and exam with company x, my friend attended it, but there’s no response after a couple of weeks. I told her that if it’s God will for her to have that job, she will received it. But then there’s another company y that called her for another interview, I told her, I am just at the back scene of everything and praying for her and God will do the rest and just have to believe. So I told her, pray that God guide her and let it be God’s will. After a few weeks, I received a message from her, that she got the jo and accepted it. I told her, praise God. Our prayers has been answered, and that God will guide her throughout.She told me that God has provided for her. During this time,I was praying for her, it was the time when the finger printing failed for my working visa and residency. I also prayed that God will provide a way for the finger printing to be completed.After a week, the finger printing machine went up. Praise God and our prayers has been answered.

Friend 3:

This friend of mine is one of my closest buddy in Manila, this time around He shared to me that there’s someone who makes him happy and he wanted to be with her always. So I said to him we need to start by praying, he said thank you and that let it be God’s will. Every time he would be sending me pm, he was telling me how he cares for this girl and they somehow encountered some questions in their status and he was having a hard time to tell his emotions toward this girl. So I told him we need to pray that God will give him the courage,but I always tell him to always guard his heart, because I have seen him and heard every pains he had went through. It was around 5 am on one of the days of the mid of November when I received a message from my friend telling me “thank you for praying with me because the girl i love had finally accepted my love for her”. So I told him feeling a bit sleepy, yet it is around 10 am in Manila,Good. Praise God .. “Aga Aga mangulet”… This time around I am having a problem with my TOR/Diploma Red Ribbon, together with all my friends and family, we prayed hard that my documents will safely arrived here in doha. It was during this day that I had received his answers. Praised God!

When God said “He will never leave us nor Forsake us” , keep that in our mind… For our God is a faithful God and a good promise keeper. This has strengthened my faith in God and that through these prayers that we had prayed together God hears it and God’s timing is always perfect.Another altar has been built to our God, because of this. Then I also realized that even if I am also having difficult times, it doesn’t hindered me in praying for friends who are having also their difficult times for I know God is bigger that our difficulties and I believe that God is working in progress in every people I have been praying. I thank HIM by using me to be part of my friends prayers, every time I will be received a person asking for a prayer, I would be so happy that God has blessed me so much that this person has trusted me to pray for him/her. I thank the Lord God above for giving me the grace in doing this for His Name, may his name be Glorified and that God will use me to share His Gospels.

There are still other friends I have been praying .. for healing,career,family,salvation… I know God will answer it in God’s time.

These are the words of God I hold on, while praying for my friends:

For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.~Matthew 18:20

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.~1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

To you God be the glory!


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