got my residency in doha

When I got my job here in Doha , I am so grateful by the fact that I have been selected to be a part of one of the good and stable company here in Doha. All thanks to God for giving me this opportunity to cater and show my skills.

I started working last September 1,2012.As soon as I entered  our office, I was given a new office room exclusively for me and just next to our HR. As soon as I received my service laptop and set up the said office email, I already received a welcome email from my boss in Egypt. Yes I am working in Qatar but I am reporting my tasks not only here in Qatar but also in Egypt and Dubai. I received lots of email already regarding some documents I need to study.

Transfer family visa to working visa:

As soon as our PRO arrives he immediately asks for a photocopy of my passport and family visa. He said we need to transfer your family visa to working visa. He also asked for No Objection Certificate (NOC) from my father. I got the NOC letter from my dad, along with his PR ID and Passport Copy. The mandoob immediately go to an arabic typing to create the NOC letter. I received the NOC Letter in Arabic after 2 days. The Hr told me to have my father signed it and give her back the NOC Letter. After a week, my visa was transferred and then the mandoob gave me a visa application number to check with the moi for the approval of the working visa. After approximately two weeks, I got my working visa and print the copy from the moi.Through constant prayer and trusting in the Lord for the working visa to approved, God had delivered me.

Medical Examinations:

After getting the printed visa, the PRO told me that I need to finish my residency in 3 months because there will be a penalty of 10 riyals per day after the date expiration mention in the printed working visa. So it’s a note to myself. The next process that we had is the medical checkup. Our PRO scheduled it via online and waited for the scheduled date. As soon as the scheduled date came in, our PRO fetch me to Medical Commission here and have my blood check up and xray.
As soon as we are in the Medical Commission, I went to the Women areas and asked for the number from the lady guard a filipina too and waited to be called. As soon as the lady in the counter called my number, I immediately gave my passport and visa and the qnb card for the payment of 100 riyals. The lady asked me if I am married, I said not yet(that’s the spirit!). So she handed me a paper with a barcode to be scan. So I went to the xray room. When I entered the said room, the nurse scan the barcode but unfortunately my name was not on the list, the nurse told me, you don’t need to do an xray on your chest because you just had one last june of this year and yes I remembered I went on an xray for the extension of my family visa. Then I went to blood testing area, the nurse got my blood and told me to check it online for the results, 2-3 days from the said medical examination. After three days, the result was already up in the website. I actually passed the medical check up. Thanks be to God. The mandoob told me to go for blood grouping that is need for the RP. So I went to clinic and had my blood check for blood grouping. When I get the result, I gave the copy to our PRO. I am very much thankful for this blessings.

Finger Printing:

We went to the immigration office, to get my finger printing done. As soon as we arrived, we got a sad news that the finger printing machines are unavailable and system is down due to technical issues. So we waited for another 30 minutes to check if it will be ok,but no luck. I asked for their number to check on them when the machine will be available for printing. So we went back to the office with nothing done. Even though the system is down , I still thank the Lord for this because I know He has a plan for me and I’ll hold on the word he had said to me. After approximately 5 days, the system was up and running again and we went back again and have the finger printing and kalas(finish). So I am getting near to my residency permit here in qatar. Thank You Lord!

Contract Stamping:

As soon as the finger printing was done, I received from my HR the contract in our company that needs to be signed by me and of course my boss. It has 3 copies, one for me, one for my boss and one for the ministry of labour here in qatar. After I signed it, our PRO went to the Ministry of Labour, not knowing that there was a change in the policy before the contract must be stamped, we must submit a diploma because the type of working visa I have belongs to the category of professionals. So when I received that news I was in awe because I haven’t had the chance to get my diploma authenticated in DFA in Manila. My diploma is here with me and that means I need to ship it back to bicol to have it ready for the CHED to be checked and moved and transferred to DFA for the red ribbon. Thankfully, one of my officemate here, told me I could send the file thru the fedex here in our company and it will reach philippines two to three days. So I sent my diploma and transcript of record to naga last october 16 of this year. My mom received the said documents last October 20 of same year. She filled it in my school in Ateneo de Naga University at the registrar and said that on the 9th of November she will have the documents. So we waited and I prayed for the said documents to arrived before the said penalty be implemented. On the 9th of November, the guy in the registrar in ateneo, told my mom that it is still not available and told her to get back on 14th of November. So we waited again, but no luck. So I emailed the Ateneo Alumni for the inquiries on this issue. Mr. Karl, responded to me telling me that the delay was caused by the CHED claiming stub. He said the document must arrived on the 20th of 21st of November as the safest. I really appreciate the effort from Mr. Karl because he even forwarded and copied the said email to one of his subordinates for follow ups. When my aunt received the claiming stub from ateneo, they sent it to Manila for my cousin to get the authenticated and red ribbon diploma and TOR. The release date was on the 26th of November. As soon as my cousin get the said authenticated documents, my aunt sent it thru LBC on the 27th of November and the travel period will be from three to five days.Time is ticking for me since the penalty will be on the 11th of December. The partner of the LBC here in qatar is DHL. After the long wait, the document arrived on the 1st of December. The next day, my dad went to Philippine Embassy to have the documents be stamped and authenticated which costs 100 riyals. After that our PRO went to Ministry of Foreign affairs and had it stamped there for 20 riyals. Then our PRO told me to have my diploma and authentication certificate to be translated to arabic. So one of my officemate gave me the contact number of the arabic translating document company. So when I talk to the guy, they told me I could send the document via their email address and charge me 40 riyals per document. At around 5pm of same day, I had the said arabic translation of my diploma and authenticated documents. The next day, our PRO went to the Ministry of Labour to have my contract stamped. When he reached the office, he said kalas and handing me the qatar id and my passport where the working visa sticker is printed. He said now where’s our treat for lunch. I told him sure. It will be my thanksgiving. So one of my officemate called pizza hut for our lunch and we had spicy wings as a form of my thanks giving for the hardship that we went through.

Trully God is amazing! It was on the 4th of December when I received my residency and qatar id. He has kept his promises to me that He will never leave me nor forsake me. All  the different hardships that had happened from the working visa application until the release of my PR here, I was never alone in the said process, God had carried me all along. He had sent people specially those who had helped me in processing all the necessary documents. I thank the Lord God above for giving this opportunity, to work here in qatar for my loved ones. I am trully grateful for this blessings I have received from Him. I believe God has stretched my patience,heart of acceptance,gave me abundant grace and trusting Him in all times. Lastly I thank the Lord God for my family, loved ones, friends and my boyfriend for boosting me to have faith in HIM.


Always remember this, it’s not the outcome of the process that makes the person who they are, but it’s the process itself.

This is the confidence we have in approaching God;that if we ask anything according to his will,he hears us. And if we know that he hears us–whatever we ask-we know that we have what we asked of him ~1 John 5:14-15

To you God be the glory!


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