egyptian visa application

After I have finished my residency here in Doha, the next step was to get an egyptian visit visa for my training in Cairo Egypt. The thought of it makes me excited and scared.

Our PRO went to the Egyptian Embassy located in  West Bay Area to get the application form. As soon as he had received the application form, our HR completed the application form and had my passport,iqama id and company id photocopied as part of the application. The next day, we went to the Egyptian Embassy West Bay Area, and I filled the documents along with the application form. The hardest part of applying for the visa was the fact that all words printed are in arabic so I really don’t know which window to fall in line. So I asked one of the people and told me that the first window is specifically the one that process visa application. So I filled my documents on the first window and the consul gave me a white slip and told me to wait for 20 days and check for the result if the visit visa is ready.  The date I filled the said application was last year of December 5,2012. So I emailed my boss in Egypt and informed them of the said result.

All the while, I was really researching the recent news in Egypt because of the fact that they are having some political issues. So I was really scared and doubtful in going there. So I lift up everything to God. I prayed to Him that if this is his will then it will be done accordingly. Instead of insisting what I want, I just offered everything to the Lord.  Then came the 26th of December, we went back to Egyptian Embassy to check with them if there is an available visa for me. As soon as I get to window 1, the consul gave me the application form and told me that I need to complete the application form and I need to have a 2 Photo Document,one for the visa and for the application form. He told me also that the payment will be around 95 Riyals. So I went back to the office and told our  boss and asked him for the expected date of arrival in Cairo Egypt. He replied to me gave me 30th of December and 2 weeks from that period. So I told him, that the visa printing will be 2-3 days maximum. So he said that’s a tentative date. The next day, I submitted the application form with the picture, a copy of my iqama id,company id copy and then I handed it over to the consul. He said to me, can you please have your passport photocopied over there, pointing to the photocopiers at the back and told me to come back for the payment. So I went to the guy and have him photocopied it, it costs me 2 riyals. As I walk back to the consul in window 1, I was really nervous and excited. I handed the remaining document along with my passport to the consul. I gave him the payment and in return he gave me a pink slip. He told me to get the passport at 2:30 pm of the  30th of December 2012. So I went back to the office and emailed my boss for the status.

Then came the day I have been waiting for, the release of my visa. We went at around 2:30 pm of the 30th of December 2012. The consul gave me my passport. I have now my Egyptian visit visa. As of the moment the flights have been booked accordingly. My exit permit here in Doha is being processed because I need that prior to my departure as per protocol. On the other hand, our HR are on the process of booking the hotel accommodation  for my two weeks training.

Finally I can step in another continent… Africa… after being here in Middle East and my home continent Asia! Last thing I noticed that it is easier to file for a visa for other country here in Doha than in Manila because they required several documents that is very unlikely here.

Thank you Lord!  This is my first time travelling to Egypt , I pray for guidance,protection and wisdom for the training.

Here’s a copy of my Visa :


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