doha to cairo egypt flight

All my bags are pack and I’m ready to go for my 2 weeks training in Cairo… But it was not easy in preparing for my training… There are still some pointers to consider prior to just going to cairo egypt

The following are pointers to consider before hopping on the airplane:

1. Round Trip Ticket from Doha to Cairo

2. Exit permit from MOI

3. If ticket is purchased online via credit card, the credit card form which include the credit card holder name and passenger details must be settled first prior to the said flight.

4. Secure a Hotel Booking

5. Bring medicines ( as for me I have several body pains so I took panadol with me and of course my zyrtec)

6. Check the weather on the place you are going to ensure that you will pack the right clothes

7. Pray that everything will be according to His will! ūüôā

My flight from Doha to Cairo will be approximately 3 to 4 hrs. It was around 7 am when I went to Doha International Airport to have my luggage check in. The qatar airways attendant asked for my e-ticket along with my passport. She asked if I have a visa already, and I said yes I have. Then I was handing her the document for the credit card and she said, that it needs to be presented in the employees near the gate for my flight and handed me my boarding pass.The gate will open at around 8:10 am. So I waited for about 30 minutes before I proceed to the said gate for my departure. I went inside for my passport to be checked by the immigration officers. I’m a bit scared but then I prayed to God that nothing will happen wrong. As soon as the immigration officer checked my passport and visa, he stamped it and let me have a picture which is a mandatory procedure here in Doha airport. As soon I reached ¬†gate 11, the airport crew are now calling the passengers for the said flight to Cairo. I was expecting lots of arabs on the said flight but then I noticed, there are asians also like koreans, chinese and japanese. As soon as I handed the boarding pass, the airline crew ask for the document for the credit card. She told me to wait for a minute to check with his immediate supervisor. So after 20 minutes of waiting, I got back my passport and the said document for the credit card. Then we went down to get to the airport shuttle bus for our flight. As soon as we on board the qatar airways plane, ¬†I look around and put a deep sigh to let out my fear and excitement of going to another continent and that is Africa. The flight will approximately be around 3 to 4 hrs. ¬†I really like travelling with qatar airways, they have one of the superb customer assistance specially if you are a¬†privileged¬†club member of which you will have priority because they will ask you first for your meal.

At around 12nn Cairo Egypt Time we have reached the Cairo International Airport, safe and sound. As soon as I have my backpack and camera bag, I went out of the plane. There was an airport shuttle bus waiting for us, so I hop in and off we went to the immigration. When we reach the ¬†immigration office, I get in line for my passport to be stamped. As soon as the immigration officer stamped my passport, I went to the luggage area releasing to get my luggage. When I have my luggage I went out and found out that the public relation officer is waiting for me to drive me to the triumph hotel. He has also this banner that says… MS. ALLYSON GET GROUP… then I handed him my passport for the identification. Then he got my luggage and I had to change my dollars to¬†Egyptian¬†pounds for the payment of the Hotel.

I had landed successfully in Cairo Egypt. I thank the Lord God above for the guidance, protection and wisdom on this trip. If it wasn’t for God’s guidance and protection I won’t be where I am right now. I thank Him because this business trip is one of the answered prayer I have. From the processing of visa ¬†and all the preparations for this flight, I lift them up to Him, that if it is His will it will be done.

Thank You Lord God, you are a promise keeper…. You will never leave me nor forsake me ūüôā

Here’s some snapshot from my trip from Doha to Cairo¬†Egypt:

doha to cairo

doha to cairo

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