reality system

the other day, my uncle nes who works and resides in shanghai told me that he had a training in vietnam about a reality system. He discussed to me that the thai speaker really motivated him to be part of the 33% of people. I was like what’s the 33% means?

As we continue with our chat thru skype , he told me that in reality system there are two kinds of people those who fall under the 33% and 87%. He told me that 33% belongs to the category of positive people and the 87% belongs to the category of negative people. He even sent me a power point file where he drew a cute human stick representing the positive and negative. So here’s the screenshot of his explanation to me:


This was the explanation I got from my uncle, very straight forward but striked me that much:

“We must be a + thinker in body the way we think
as a result our emotion will also generate +
if you have + emotion what happen to ur action?
surely it is also + and what you will expect for the result? +
and it sad that only 33% of the people think possitively and the other side is self explanatory”

As what the image suggests, positive people are good to mingle with because they inspire you to be even more positive. Try to add positive people in your life and gradually inspire the negative people around you to be more positive.

“The key for positive attitude is to “SMILE”
Generally speaking if you release positivity, you will also
receive the positivity. It may sound as a simple gesture but who knows that stranger your smiling at will take that smile as a sign of encouragement, therefore he can also smile amidst all his worries and tribulations.

“Knowledge isn’t a power unless you apply”

I agree with him on this one, unless there is an application, there’s no power. Let say, I advice someone to be positive in a certain situation, but then I don’t have practical application of what I advise to that person,Do you think I will be able to fully tell them to be positive? 🙂

“In reality system ,you must have dreams and goals. In order for you to do this you must have a Plan, Action,Determination,Persistence and Luck.”

My uncle is also a christian, but I told him I agree with it,but on top of it all you must have strong relationship with God to reach your dreams and goals.As mentioned in the bible, commit your plans to the Lord and He will commit to your plans.

“Many people work on improving their income. But you can’t improve your income if you don’t improve yourself”

I admit I am one of the people who work to improve their income.. but yes I forget to improve myself to be able to get the desired income.I will then forever put this in my heart.

“How to build your energy within everyday look at the mirror and say this:
I GOT THE POWER, YOU GOT THE POWER(point to the mirror, WE GOT THE POWER point ur two thumb to you

Definitely will be following this chant everyday while I put on my moisturizer 🙂

My uncle also asked me this questions:

1. How can you moved a mountain?

I answered him with the first one, that I will make my eyes crossed eyed.silly me! But the answer should be then I just need to move backwards and the mountain has been moved by means of distance.  From his answers , the mountains represents our great circumstance in life. If we keep pushing through that big circumstance in our life we will get tired and weary. But if we step backward ,chances are we could move a mountain. This is also true to the verse in the bible that if you have a faith like a mustard seed it could move a mountain.

Lastly trust in the Lord because He will be the source of our positive energy.

Genesis 28:15 NIV

I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go, and I will bring you back to this land. I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you.”


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