purple book class batch 2

i had a chance to attend the purple book class for batch two from april to may of 2013.

before the purple book class started.. I had attended the one to one review with my new mentor cha. I thank God for her because she adopted me and she willingly devote her time in our one to one even though I am late with the time scheduled that we had agreed on.As soon as we finished our one to one, cha enlisted me to the purple book class.

The scheduled fits my off duty from work since thursday will be the class and it will be a one month class done every 7pm at the enq villa near our our home.

The teacher/admin people provided as the purple book that is composed of 12 chapters  that will be divided to the four session every thursday. I think the price of the book is 15 riyals. It has the reading manuals for each topic and some questions that we need to answer before entering our class.

The first day, we had quiz. I never thought that we will have quiz. As always, I am not prepared for this kind of stuff. So I had no answers on the quiz and I noted on the quiz paper, ” in all honesty, I did not reviewed for this surprise quiz”. I wish the pastor will give me pardon for this one. But above else I enjoyed the topic that we have discussed. I have learned a lot and gained wisdom in God’s word.

The second day of the class, we had another surprise quiz and my assigment was checked by the admin people prior to entering the class room. The surprise quiz is correct minus wrong. It is really a surprise quiz because I have read the wrong chapter that is not part of the quiz. But then I got a chance to answer some of the questions. I hope I did get it right. Then we discussed the remaining topics, and had our graded recitations. Luckily I had a chance to answer all the assignments.  That concludes the day 2 of our purple class.

The third day of the purple class, we had an activity and that is to draw what we are in christ. So I had to drew a cross in the middle of a paper and had to draw individual symbolizing that we all have our cross and that if we have surrendered everything to Him, we will never be shaken or burdened if only we believe,trust and love Him. This time we also have group activity, I was tasked to discuss a topic on truth and I am really not good in speaking in public, but I prayed hard and asked God for wisdom and courage and confidence to let the people see in me what He has done for me.

For the last day of the purple book series, we had the lasty 4 chapters discussed by our teachers. It was really an inspiring part because of the fact that God has enlightened the preacher and giving the topics by demonstrating real life scenarios incorporating it to the word of God. This day also marks our graduation day. We have had our certificates although my certificate was not printed on time. But after the picture taking, cha gave me the certificate. It was the best certificate I ever had in my existence not because I have graduated in the purple book but because I have gained deeper relationship with God.

Next activity is to join a ministry ( Tech Team here I am to volunteer!) and victory weekend 😉

Here’s our batch photo for purple book class :





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