three years and counting for engineeredbygod

Today I woke up and said to myself, I need to start blogging again instead of bumming around. When I opened today my account here in wordpress, I saw the notification icon and to my surprise I saw this one:

happy 3rd year anniversary

Indeed time flies too fast. I remember doing this blogged site when I am still working in Chikka Philippines. I was deeply inspired that time because of the fact that the working environment in Chikka is really relaxing and the people too are great to work with.

To wordpress who opened the doors to opportunity of blogging, Thank You so much for adopting my blogs for more than 3 years now and counting.

To all my viewers who made my hits high on this website, thank you so much.

To all who have been part of my blogging entries, thank you so much for inspiring me to blogged.

To the Lord above who gave me wisdom and courage to blog my experiences, thank you so much!

Lastly, I created this blog for two reasons:

1. If I had amnesia, then I will be able to regain my memory by reading this blog site. I will give this link to my bestfriend so that I will be able to read them.

2. When the time comes I have to be with the Father in Heaven, this blog will serve as a reminder to all my loved ones and friends that I have lived a life of what God had called me to be.

God bless!


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