the comfort zone

Everytime I hear the word comfort zone, it reminds me of my love-hate relationship with my bed specially during the morning where my bed becomes the most comfortable place in the world and uncomfortable zone during the night because I can’t sleep well. Each individual has their own comfort zone and sometimes getting out of it is really hard specially if this individual get used to it.

In my experience,it’s a good feeling to stay in the area where you feel comforted but it eventually gets boring each day. There’s no more room for improvement, nor challenges that will increase my enthusiasm. This is where the idea of getting outside the comfort zone comes in when the comfort zone is not anymore comfortable.

In my recent experience of moving out from philippines to qatar, is a picture of getting out of my comfort zone  because of the following reason:

  • I have a church to attend in every nation (fort).
  • My mom,brother and sister lives there.
  • I have a good job in Manila of which I’m earning good as a single individual.
  • My cbff(christian bestfriend forever (pibi and raffy)), gingeener friends,friends and colleagues are staying in fort area,ortigas area and makati area.

When I moved here in qatar, I have no idea of what will happen to me, but then it was a leap of faith on my end and trusting God that he is in control of everything. As of the moment, I thought my comfort zone vanished but then God is really good because He gave me another comfort zone of which I have to be accountable of it , work for it and take care of it.

It may sound weird but this comfort zone is not the idea of  having a happy path in every area of my life. Where I am right now is the product of God’s grace to me to continue to press forward amidst all the tribulations. I just continually trust Him and wait for Him to reveal His perfect plan for me.

I believe that where we are right now is God’s way of saying:

  •  this is your mission field.
  •  this is where I will hone you as my servant.
  •  this is the place where you will see God’s name be glorified in every area of your life.
  •  this is your training ground for the promise that God has instore for you.

After we have finished what God had  told us to do  that’s when the right time He will be calling you Home to stay with Him- the comfort zone that God had promised us.

God Bless!


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