unexpected work around

Yesterday ,I received a news that I will be assigned to a new project in one of the leading hospital here in doha.

Despite the struggles I went through with my current task prior to this new project… God strengthen me to the very end and I wait patiently for for his guidance.

There were instance when I am about to give up when things are really getting tougher each day. People think if you are working in another country you are digging money and enjoying everything that comes with it. They seldom knew what we went through before getting that money. There are times when I would just burst in tears in my cubicle office because of the way they treated me.I admit that I am also adopting to the working culture here and the work they gave me is really new to me from a simple test lead for automation jumping to management side for software and hardware applications.

But then I continue forward and pressed on and lived each day as if working for the Lord, and not for a  man. After all, at the end of each work day it is still God that I should serve as my master. Let me just take a sample of one  issue that really tested my faith.  It was last 3rd week of April when I received the new job description in my work. It really bugged me for quite sometime. It ended up making me depressed which resulted to pimple invasion in my fore head :(.I stand still and trust in God that He is working on my behalf. I admit my faith that time is really rocky but I used God’s word to remove this negative thoughts and thinking. It was really “silent” friction but everyday I remind myself, this is God’s way of saying I am fighting for you, don’t fight them.

I asked God about this issue and He just gave me this word:

I am going to send you what my Father has promised; but stay in the city until you have been clothed with power from on high.” Luke 24:49

I hold on to this word, and I said to God that even if I really can’t understand , I’ll just trust in Him.

Instead of dwelling on my problems, I remembered God’s word saying

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. -Matthew 6:33

A simple reminder to me that if you Let Go and Let God and Serve Him and Seek Him, all these things will be given to us. So instead of staying and thinking negatively, I read his words and study his words,attend church and best of all, I am adopted now in the tech ministry. Even if the schedule in my work does not permit me to attend the tuesday and wednesday prayer meeting and practice for the tech team. With God’s grace I managed to attend them, even if I am always the late person for the prayer meeting and practice for the tech team. I continue this and just asked sorry to the team. I thank God because this people did not condemened me instead one person told me, God will provide a way for you one day to attend the prayer meeting and practice on time. So I hold on to what she said to me and pray to God that if it is His will then let it be done.

It was of last June 3,2013, when I had a talk with my boss and asked me to be assigned in a Hospital as the Software Support Engineer to replace the person who resigned there, yes you hear it right I am replacement for a month there, then may I say that this person is the person that they planned to worked with me in the process as I mentioned before. They told me I need to start asap in the Hospital. They told me that the schedule will be from 7am to 3pm but my boss told me that I need to be at the office at around 4pm to 7pm in our main office, atleast once a week, so I agreed to this setup. My heart was really jumping up and down and still in the state of awe. I uttered a simple prayer to God, and said God, thank you.. You really know how to surprise me. I thanked Him that he provided this time schedule and getting back to software application support and testing.  When I went home to meet my father, I told him I will be assigned in big hospital here for a month. He was really happy because finally I will have an open doors for good schedule and working in a government owned like this hospital is really something here. The night before the my first day at work in Hospital, I prayed and tears fell down in my eyes thanking Him and He reminded me the person who told me that God will provide a schedule for you to be early on the tuesday prayer meeting. Let me just clear this one, my first day at the hospital was June 4, Tuesday. My heart beats fast by this thought and imagine how God has planned this long ago and I was really really flattered and Happy that finally I will be attending the testimony part and worship part of the prayer meeting and not just the prayer request for individual  which I usually attended when I used to work at the previous time slot I worked with.

Here’s the snapshot of  the place I have been assigned for a month as Software Support Engineer and by grace of God I can do this because He is with me all through out my journey:

the work around

the work around


Always remember this:

“When God gives opportunity , rest assured He will provide you the ability”

God Bless!


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