the exam that will change my life

Two months ago, I am praying for my significant half to pass the exam as part of his requirements for his residency. With constant prayers and by God’s grace, my significant half passed his exam. After that, I received a news from his sister that the course for computer engineering graduates is now open for migration. So they told me to try taking the said exam that my significant half took a couple of weeks ago. So I told them I will think first and pray that God will guide me for this decision making that I will be doing.

After 2 weeks, I saw that the British Council here in Doha offered that exam as part of the requirement for the migration process.  I registered online on this site and then after finishing the online application, they sent me an email confirmation that needs to be presented upon payment in the British Council . The requirements are very simple, they need your ID , I used passport and of course your payment which costs me around 875 QAR (Roughly 10K+ PHP). I paid the said exam after 2 days of registration since my registration will be automatically cancelled if I didn’t pay it on the 3rd day of my registration. As soon as I have paid the exam, the cashier told me that they will sent an email to my account for the 30hrs online study for the following modules: Listening, Reading,Speaking and Writing. Basically this exam is for IELTS … and when IELTS comes to our mind as a graduate of engineering course, I might end up saying why can’t we just have calculus for immigration requirements.. kidding!

I have exactly a month before the said exam, yet I had rare chance of studying in the office because of the issues encountered with my current task. Thank God, because He provided a way for me to study at home after the friday service, I studied around 4pm onwards. First with the Listening ,Reading and Writing. From there I alloted at least 2hrs per day for the three modules. The online link for studying that the british council had helped me a lot since, I am not familiar with the tests that will happen, it gave me the simulation of the actual test that will happen during the exam date. Aside from studying from the online link sent by the british council, I also studied from this link:

The exam day came, it was really scary at first but then I saw different people taking the exam and I said to myself .. yeah… they are scared too but then I just offered to God this exam.I will do the best by the wisdom He has given me and let His will be done.  There are 4 modules you need to take:


They will give you a wireless headset and it will be tested by you prior to examination proper. All the examines will take the same test questions for listening be it on general or academic category. When the exam started, I had the problem with 2 or more items because I failed to listen carefully. But I trust my God more than the thought of failing this module.


This one, I had a chance to review this twice prior to submission of the test paper, it was really tricky question but what I did was to  skip the difficult one and return back once I am done with the other questions so as to avoid time consumption on one item. For this exam, I find it somehow medium type of exam,not easy and not that hard.


The first part is really easy, the informal way of writing to a friend with a topic assigned per test questionnaire, then the second part was quite difficult because I had no experience with the said topic since I am single with no child at all. But then by the grace of God I managed to answer it.


This is the last module, I am the first one to be taking exam on the said module with the examiner. I was scared but I managed to utter a prayer of “Lord please guide me, I can’t do this alone”. The examiner started with the usual interview of what’s your name, then the topic was about work and few question follow up. I managed to answer them confidently for the reason that I have had interview already in my job hunting.So the exam took around 15 minutes.

After taking the said exam, I went home. I was advised to wait for 13 days for the result. So the days passed, and the thought of the result of the exam is a bit scared because the requirement for the migration is atleast 6.0 per module. This means that I should have a based band overall result of 6 for all module as an average.

One day I received an sms from British Council that my baseband score was 7.0 (above what I expected), but then I kept silent.  But then I still waited for the online result. The next day, I checked the online result and found out that I have really passed. I uttered a thanksgiving prayer because all the modules are above 6. It was really an answered prayer, I thank the Lord God for this exam result that will change my life in the next few days. I went to British Council to get the hard copy for the result, and then it was really great to see the result on your hand. God made it for me 🙂

Since this will be the start of processing for my migration, I believe what God has started in me … He will finished it.

Here’s the screenshot of the test result I got from British Council:



Note: I remembered I promised myself that I will be buying a long board when I passed this exam( but then I remembered the show money … I was like .. yeah maybe next time)


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