My testimony at our prayer meeting in ENQ

I usually share my testimony of faith on this blog site but never on church gatherings like prayer meeting. But really God spoke to me to share and testify His goodness to me.

I recently shared my testimony of faith to my every nation qatar family. I was really at first trembling because of my fear in speaking in public. But God guided me all throughout.

I shared to them that my boss currently transferred  me from my old office and told me to handover the project to the new employee. But really I trusted God on this one and eventually my boss told me that I will be moving to a new post called software support engineer. I will be assigned in hospital for our system for modifying and issue resolutions in our servers and databases. It was really God working on my behalf. I just let Go and let God. I told my churchmates that it’s not end that matters but the process itself.

What I really learned from all these, is to seek first His kingdom by seeking Him and for sure I assure you that all things will follow. I keep struggling with my career because of my disobedience and not trusting Him.But really God is a faithful.

Now the last word that God had said to me is to wait on Him and be brave and courages. I’ll hold on to His words and serve Him.

As I seek for my real purpose here in qatar I know my abba father will eventually reveal it to me.

Thank you Lord for everything … We give you all the praises and Glory! AMEN



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