vision of faith

I am trully inspired because God gave me a new perspective of life and vision as I eagerly wait upon Him to reveal his purpose.

Today I created the vision of faith and a friend of mine in church will put a melody on it and will be sang by one of our church worship leaders:

Here’s the lyrics:

Vision of Faith

I find myself trapped in this loop of struggles
Through faith you gave me vision for my troubles
This uncertainty lead me through the cross
And direct me to find the one I will serve as my real boss

It’s hard to conceal my imperfections
Because I tried everything on my own
Only to realize that you sent your only son
To die for me and give me directions

Jesus you gave me my vision of faith
To see things in different perspective
You opened my eyes to things that will never fade
Now I am here and ready to take your directive

Thank you Lord for inspiring me . This lyrics, is my simple thank you for opening my eyes to the vision of faith you have given me.


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