getting stoked

When I was still working in Philippines, a good buddy of mine noel  introduced me to long boarding and we get stoked every friday night at the BGC area. I tried using his long boards for the sake of trying it after a week of playing and getting stoked, I bought my very own mini cruiser, called fluidsurf a brand in philippines. I was really happy and getting stoked at the same time releasing my stress from work. Until things changed, I was called by my dad to moved to qatar. I have to leave my “defrieya” board to raf and took  care of it.  Then eventually I had to sell it to my friend John because I have to let go of defreiya. It was really a painful experiencing letting go of my first mini cruiser but I have to move on. (seriously it took me months before I moved on).

Fast forward to July 2013:

I had seen in qatar living that there was a sponsor for the event for bmx and skateboarding. So I checked on their facebook page and pull all the courage to send message to them to ask where I can buy a mini cruiser or penny nickel board here in Doha. The administrator of the said fb page told me that GO Sports Qatar has one already. After saying thank you to them, I contacted Go Sports Qatar and messaged them the availability of longboards/mini cruisers. They informed me that they have now the long boards. After my shift I went to Go Sports Qatar in City Center Doha and check on the boards availability. Luckily I meet a “kabayan” assigned on the longboards. The long boards are dusters and I am a bit not confident in buying them since it’s almost same with my height. So I asked the “kabayan” if they have mini cruisers, he said to me there’s one last board penny nickel, and my eyes grew bigger because this was the board I have been waiting and wanting recently.

So he said to me I will get it for you. After getting the penny nickel board, I was really smiling because the color is so striking… yellow and purple for trucks. Then I told him I will get it and  get the TSG helmet for safety to complete my cruisin for the next few days.

Finally I paid it over the cashier, luckily there was a sale so I just paid around 400 QAR for the said items. It really is better to patiently wait and asked God for things like this. He is really faithful to his promises. Last time I prayed that if I passed the ielts I will be buying a penny nickel board as long as it is permitted by my heavenly father.

Now I am stoked and studying again long boarding.

Here’s a snapshot of my “defrieya”:

defrieya and me

defrieya and me

Now that I have defrieya I will be physically healthy and can serve more God because I will use this as my method of transport from my flat to the villa since it’s very near to our flat.

To God be the glory!


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