Yesterday I had this urge to put my emotions and wrote it on a poem, after answering all the issues of the patients on our system, I had a chance to write this 2 stanza poem:

Is this spiritual dryness?
Left alone in wilderness
With nothing to cling on but You Abba Father
Grant me the desire to call on You as my armor

Each day fill me Lord with grace
To continue to move forward against these frustrations
with each passing day help me finish this race
To stay strong amidst all tribulations

Until now I don’t have title for this. I posted this on my instagram and asked for a title and one of my friends gave title for this and the closest one on my heart is “my savior,my armor”. But can’t decide to this very moment. Well I am asking now for my readers to give a title for this poem. I am not sure if they will put a melody on this one and be played again during our worship services. But I am excited how God will use me to glorify His name thru writing poems and inspiring the music team to put a music on this.



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